Blame it on Anna

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Blame it on Anna

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Is group solidarity only right when applied to the left? Does anyone have total access to the truth? These are the questions Anna asks with shrewd insight as she inspects the emperor's new clothes and the new ideologies of her parents and their smug associates. Everywhere, the dogma changes but the dogmatism remains the same.

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This is an acutely comic film in which the babes and sucklings have all the best lines. Donald Clarke.

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It is a touching, amusing, balanced piece of work that in, admittedly, a grim time for Gallic imports emerges as the best French film released here this year. The picture follows young Anna as she fails to cope with her middle-class parents' decision to move into a smaller apartment and devote their time to the fight for abortion rights and the campaign to get Salvador Allende elected president of Chile.

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This is Paris in and Anna's dad, a Spaniard whose family supported Franco, still feels remorse we suspect for failing to stand up and be counted in the mini- revolution two years earlier. More from The Irish Times Books.

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TV, Radio, Web. Subscriber Only. My Seditious Heart: Arundhati Roy at her most unflinching. Irreplaceable: Powerful hymn to humanity engaging with nature.

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Atlantic Podcast A three-part series exploring the mystery of Peter Bergmann - the man who came to Sligo to disappear. Most Read in Culture.

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Blame it on Anna Blame it on Anna
Blame it on Anna Blame it on Anna
Blame it on Anna Blame it on Anna
Blame it on Anna Blame it on Anna
Blame it on Anna Blame it on Anna
Blame it on Anna Blame it on Anna
Blame it on Anna Blame it on Anna
Blame it on Anna Blame it on Anna
Blame it on Anna

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