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I'm Not Rappaport

Twenty-five years ago, the stellar cast included Swoosie Kurtz , who won the Featured Play Actress Tony for her portrayal of Bananas, the madcap wife of Artie. Stiller is headlining this new production taking. In making the announcement, the kudos commitee described Fugard as "a playwright whose art has always spoken out against racism and who continues to be an active voice for freedom and equality".


THEATER; George St. Offers 'Rappaport'

Fuguard contended for Best Play four times over the years. Though he shares a name with his character on Showtime's hit " Weeds ," actor Guillermo Diaz is nothing like a shady, menacing drug dealer. In real life, he's closer to his other current television character: the sweet and funny Angel on NBC's drama "Mercy. For Diaz, it all began by picking up a copy of Back Stage. Growing up in Washington Heights , N.

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During a high school talent show, he lip-synched to a medley of Beastie Boys songs as rapper Mike D. The performing bug bit and never went away.

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He started buying Back Stage. Jackson to Kelsey Grammer and Calista Flockhart. Ruehl plays Eva Adler, a highly intelligent German woman who's obsessively involved with her emotionally unstable daughter Lily Rabe. Eva isn't easy to play, and that's why Ruehl likes her.

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  • Les séminaires de la Borde (Psychothérapie institutionnelle) (French Edition).

In playing Eva , Ruehl finds herself influenced by Irene Worth , who portrayed Bella's mother -- a figure not unlike Eva. See also Showtimes External Sites. Share this page:.

I'm Not Rappaport

Movies for Anthropology and Gerontology students. Clear your history. There are scenes like that in "I'm Not Rappaport,'' and they're the heart of the movie, as they were of Gardner's Tony Award-winning play. When Nat Matthau and Midge Davis talk, it's like verbal music. We could listen all night. Now add: A tenant committee that wants to take away Midge's job. A daughter who wants Nat committed to an old folks' home. A lonely girl who's trying to get off drugs.


A sinister drug dealer who considers the park his turf. A mugger.

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And Nat leading grocery store shoppers in a strike against higher prices. Every time one of these developments appears on the screen, it feels yanked in by the scruff of its neck.

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I could believe, at least, the attempt to retire old Midge his building is going co-op, etc. But when Nat impersonates a Mafia don in an attempt to scare off the drug dealer, it's sitcom time: Why contrive material like this when the fundamental idea is so promising? Matthau has ripened into the most engaging old guy in the movies; he's had a long time to do that, since it is hard to remember a movie in which he seemed particularly young. Davis, whose background is on the stage more than in films, is a little more complicated: He's not an "old guy'' but a particular character who lets you know he's seen a lot and drawn his conclusions.

I'm Not Rappaport Summary & Study Guide Description

Together, sitting on the bench, their characters use conversational material they've been rehearsing for years. You listen to me,'' Nat says. I know things. Midge steadfastly holds to his identity as the only man alive who can get his building's boiler to work.

Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport
Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport
Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport
Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport
Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport
Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport
Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport Lesson Plans Im Not Rappaport

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