Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers

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Headship in the Bible

It is where she comes from not where she is going smile. It is from where she was created not the equality of her creation. Research what is currently being discovered about DNA after a sexual union between husband and wife. DNA from the husband is shared with and becomes part of the woman. You got the picture hold fast guys. Edit by Jack: Hold fast girls, no Bible has claimed infallibility in translation, that is why we have so many translations, trying to get it right. Inspired writers like Ellen White frequently edited and revised their messages finding better words to express their thoughts.

Thank you for one of the most logical and sensible discussions of the topic that I have seen in a long time. I am sure some simply want a more definitive explanation of a comprehensive situation. But in some cases, it seems evident that at least some will go to any length to undermine clear bible teachings to defend what is not defendable. WO is not defendable. Male headship is beyond challenge when the bible is accepted in its clear and comprehensive presentation. Adam sold out the human family. Eve was instrumental in persuading Adam to sin, but Eve was not the federal head of humanity and her decision was not the reason mankind was sold into sin.

All the double talk will not change this reality nor help anyone understand that women are somehow equal in authority to the man, either in society, the family or the church. At some point, it becomes blatant rebellion to keep twisting the bible to advocate something contrary to what is obvious to any open minded evaluation. Indeed, there is considerable comfort in not having to experience the ambiguity of change. I know, you want me to change for that to be true … for me. I was asleep! Is that not what it means to be a Christian? The setup is right there in Genesis 3. The Creator takes full, unilateral responsibility for the Serpent, with regard to both its presence and effect and most importantly its future.

Jack has given us a wonderful opportunity to see God in an enriching way. Lean back, relax, and ponder what God intended the meaning of bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh … there is a reason Jesus became bone of own bone and flesh of our flesh … too. There are a lot of things that are not translated accurately in the King James Version because of the culture of Of course he knew who she was! Jesus was nailed to the cross in his hands? Crucifixion was never done in the hands as we understand it, but between the ulna and radius in the forearm, since the bones of the hands cannot support the weight of a person.

Truth is, even if it is a literal rib, what we preach about it is so wrong. A rib is not on your side. It goes around half of the body from sternum to spine and protects all of the vital organs. EGW even expounds on this. It means: to know, recognize, acquaintance, etc. It is used throughout the OT and does not refer to an intimate relationship. The meaning of this phrase in relation to Adam and His wife Eve knowing each other, also has a spiritual meaning. So, no, I do not think the translators mistranslated the Genesis passage.

And a beautiful one at that. Much better than all the other anatomic and slang words so sadly used today. In Genesis Eve did not get pregnant and give birth by Adam studying her personality! To know Christ and be known by Him is not a casual encounter, it is the most important work of our lifetime, one that only long practice can make perfect.

Appreciate all you state. So Adam may not have lost his rib permanently anyway. Had to be? We know the Bible says God took from the side which appears to mean opened something and then closed it back. In any case woman was not meant to be used as something comfortable to walk on. But someone to care for and cherish. Huh, Mr. Please note that I just reminded the , and we are supposed to believe what the Bible teaches. Of course, it is most probable that you will continue in your demonstrated trend of never challenging what you think you know and allowing the Spirit to guide you to a non-Pharisaical understanding of the Christian faith.

Loosen up! A sincere search for a clearer and clearer understanding of Scripture will not undermine anyone who is truly rooted in the Word! I have a question. God had him name the animals and he consequently realized he was alone without a mate. Jesus is also wholly and completely man, the second Adam. There is nothing incomplete or unfulfilled in Jesus. Adam is alone and that is not good. Adam is not incomplete, man is not unfinished. Man is complimented in woman — not completed. It takes the two to represent or best represent God or to be created in His image.

This will only lead to the entrenching of false doctrines. I checked to see how this word is translated in other languages. So different language traditions have gone both ways. It is easy to accuse others of twisting the meaning of the Bible when they point-out that the same passage can be translated in different ways. I learnt many years ago that my beliefs must not rest upon which way among reasonable alternatives a particular passage is translated. Though some translations can be very weak usually dynamic ones where the translator s are trying to tell us what a passage means rather than what it says , the formal translations usually represent a very honest and accurate effort to express what the earliest available texts actually say.

For me looking at alternative translations of the same passage can be highly informative, in understanding the nuances that may not be obvious. So I like to compare different translations to gain more insight into what the original author s might have been saying. It still could mean rib from his side.

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Taking into account the fact that The whole is used many times even when part of the whole is referee to. IE when Christ was crucified and rose on part of the third day. Jack, you myth buster! I spite of the various possibilities, the main purpose is to convince us that there is no male headship, nor was there any maleheadship ordained by God. And this was my point. I am wondering when was the last time that re-reading your Bible in a different language or a different translation or even a familiar translation, convinced you that you were wrong about anything?

Edit by Jack: A prophecy of the results of sin, the new rule in a fallen world outside of the Garden. These results of sin are to be rescinded as we near the time when Eden is to be restored. We have now learned how to reduce the pain of childbirth, do you feel this is an ungodly thing to do?

We have learned how to control conception, is family planning wrong? Edit by Jack: Yes God has given to men the responsibility for sexual purity and restraint. This is why women should never be blamed by men for inciting rape. God clearly told men that is our problem, not theirs.

Edit by Jack: Women are naturally more religious, it was menfolk that had to be commanded to attend church. And women at times had responsibilities to babies and children that would make in impractical to all meet this command. Edit by Jack: The firstborn was a prophecy of Jesus and it was appropriate to image that with the male lambs. But on another level it was a merciful God who asked for only the male, and not the productive females as his offering. It shall be a statute forever in your generations concerning the offerings made by fire to the Lord.

Everyone who touches them must be holy. It is most holy. Eat them in a ceremonially clean place: they have been given to you and your children as your share of the Israelites fellowship offerings…This will be a regular share for you and your children, as the Lord has commanded. It is certainly true that in the post-Fall Patriarchal culture the eldest male was the civil and spiritual head of the clan. And after the Passover the law of redemption applied this to the first male born from each female not just the first son of the sire. However before you claim that God made this rule and it is therefore inviolable, let me remind you that in four consecutive generation of the Genesis Patriarchs God set it aside.

For me this would be a very strong precedent for God choosing whomever God sees fit for a purpose, rather than honoring a rigid human tradition. Before the fall Adam was made whole and complete before Eve. Eve was made after Adam. After Adam realized he was alone and without a a suitable help mate. God made Eve for Adam, to be his help mate. This is the way the scripture expresses it in the original languages.

Jesus is the second Adam. Whole and complete without woman.

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Jesus is the Son, God is the Father. The Godhead is masculine. Edit by Jack: Mr. The entire point of Genesis chapter 2 is that the Adam was NOT whole or complete, and how God himself took great care to teach the male that he was both mortal of dust and incomplete! A male alone is fine, but a male alone is incomplete as far as God and His image are concerned. I too have been thinking on Genesis after a sermon this Sabbath, so Jack…. Eve made a poor choice, she broke a commandment of God which is sin. When God speaks it is not prophecy because he is the divine spirit.

The judgment on Eve was to take effect as instantly as creation heeded the spoken word of God, not over millions of years, not as a prophecy through man which may come to pass at some point in the future. The results of sin are most definitely going to be rescinded. In fact When Death and Hell are cast in to the lake of fire Rev , sin and its results will be gone for ever, not before. Matt For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

Gen …and he Adam shall rule over thee Eve. Eph For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Heb But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man. John Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak….

See, we all are part of a hierarchy. Before the fall, after the fall it makes no difference. Steven, thank you, I appreciate your thoughts. I hold back from full agreement based on a couple of things. As all women and men are under the Father. Wonderful insight, Jack. It is not biblical in origin nor is it in harmony with Gods biblically revealed, clearly progressive work to free us from both sins and self-importance, which is the original sin. Apreciada hermana, jamas se ha dudado de eso. Really a profound insight — beautifully framed. As Always, I treasure your faith-affirming, dogma-busting analysis, Jack.

Thank you! Most Stimulating! For they that seek after the most high and sole Creator have we His word. Pastors tend to the flock with their studied and confessed understanding. I feel no hesitation to contemplate idea and meaning as the biblical testimony has survived translation. Why would I care to defend or covet any specific and rigid analysis or viewpoint of scriptural meaning? The Adventist Conference has allowed publication of this ideological presentation. O to rejoice in this union once extant, that the vertical promise of God commences in dynamic transformations of character.

Appreciate any response, and find stimulating the responses given. No doubt, Jack, you will receive massive affirmation for you comments, if for no other reason, people can build a false doctrine for WO. Some believe the whole liberal agenda is a Korah rebellion against properly ordained authority.


And other think it is a Martin Luther reformation akin to the Protestant revolt against Rome. I still predict those who embrace and advocate WO will eventually give up the seventh day Sabbath for the same reasons they advocate WO. Just as Pharoah, King Saul, Judas, Cain, and a host of others reached a point where repentance was impossible. I am not suggesting anyone has at this time committed the unpardonable sin. I am saying that this sin is committed by degrees of resistance to truth, until no amount of influence of the bible and Holy Spirit can or will change their mind.

The spirituality of your arguments are a true parallel to the arguments of Sunday keepers. The false gospel always destroys the intensity for bible truth and creates an easy believeism that genders the final error of universal salvation for all of mankind. So, we wait and see. And remember, the disciples had just heard Jesus declare that the best of people, as measured by their wealth, are less likely to be worthy of heaven than the likelihood of a camel passing through the eye of a needle.

You may want to consider joining the Catholic Church if this is a pinnacle issue for you, since it unlike in Adventism, is not in jeopardy there, at least in the short term. They were both put in charge of the garden not each other. The Bible was written in a male-dominated era. Jesus came to make his church different than the world. We are to be one in Him. To him was given dominion over every living thing that God had created.

The Lord blessed Adam and Eve with intelligence such as He had not given to any other creature. He made Adam the rightful sovereign over all the works of His hands. Man, made in the divine image, could contemplate and appreciate the glorious works of God in nature Redemption; or the Temptation of Christ, 7. Ellen would turn-over in her grave if she could know that you were using her writings as your primary source, rather than the Bible. And I would still like to see one verse from the Bible that says Adam had sole dominion over the earth before the Fall.

And by this I mean from the Bible itself, not from some later commentary by Ellen or others. This has been shown again and again and again on these threads, as this quote has been misused constantly to support an unscriptural hobbyhorse. He made Adam the rightful sovereign over all the works of his hands.

Headship, Helpmeet and Lovers Pt.1

MAN [mankind, not a male] made in the divine image could contemplate and appreciate the glorious works of God in nature. We can create any doctrine by tearing a sentence out of context and stubbornly repeating it week after week knowing we are in fact lying by misrepresenting what is actually being said. We can look at every use of the word in the Hebrew Bible, and wherever it is found in extra-biblical contexts in epigrqphs from the Bibllical period.

Biblical Hebrew, or old Northwest Semitic, is part of a group of languages. So we look at Ugaritic, Akkadian, peripheral Akkadian, Aramaic, and even old Arabic to see how the parallel word is used in contexts quite apart from the Hebrew Bible. It says nothing whatever about Adam having some kind of dominion over Eve. Nor does the correct reading imply any kind of blasphemy against our Savior. Where on earth did you come up with that nonsense?

No one would imply that Jesus did not die to save humanity. Shame on you for stating such a thing. Nor is there anything in the correct reading of the statement that begins to imply such deliberate mis-statement. Dearest brother Hamstra: I was lured not by the obvious fact that we not only look at the Hebrew but the cognate languages to see how this word is used. Seems reading it correctly means I am blaspheming our Savior too. Perhaps s Catholic saint did not have as much inspiration as 70 Jewish scribes.

Elaine would think so. Evidently Mr. I have no idea who or what inspired the French translation but the French were more inclined to lose their souls than the Germans anyway, right? Well said, Bill. The same twisting of scripture is done by those who promote Spiritual Formation, Centering Prayer, and learning from Eastern cults. The good regular church members in Jesus time said he was inspired by the Devil when they feared the changes he was making to their old time beliefs Mark , Matthew Be careful, brother, the Devil can prevent your spiritual growth by fostering paranoia as well as he can by teaching falsehood.

Wow- really? We who believe women should receive the Blessing of ordination will one day give up The Sabbath? Oh Ye Stiff Necked Generation. Who are men to withhold the Blessing of the laying on of hands to those called by The Holy Spirit and already doing the work. Who are you? Recognizing that I am in jeopardy of committing the Unpardonable Sin, and thereby imperiling my Conditionally Immortal Soul, I hesitantly venture to ask of all readers that you ponder for a brief moment another question. Although I have not determined its veracity, there seems to be a persistent belief in the cultures of Western Europe, that the French are better lovers than are the Germans or the English.

Bill, Any wonder that when Christ was concerned about ministry, His disciples were fighting over headship? Jesus spoke to the young rich man regarding the difficulty a rich man has entering the Kingdom of God. Is this a possibility with God only, or also with men? What they are implying, according to the Aramaic Gospels, is that a rich man can still enter the kingdom of God by carrying his riches through bit by bit. This understanding, by human minds, is contrary to the true Spiritual implications which Jesus was describing. The point I am making here is, at times we think we understand Spiritual matters, and start looking for alterative meanings in Scripture, according to our own understanding.

Is it possible, Daniel, that the Holy Spirit was promised to help us do exactly that? How else can we make sense of scripture inspired for people thousands of years ago? Or perhaps I misunderstand. Yes, the Holy Spirit does give us understanding of the Scriptures, which should always reveal Jesus Christ and the work He is doing in our hearts; to prepare us and that place, to be with Him, and to do His will.

So, to answer your question: Whatever we are seeking to understand through the Holy Scriptures must also reveal Jesus Christ and glorify Him. I understand that the Holy Scriptures are Spiritual and they deal with the heart of man. We see many evils on this earth, which all come from the heart of man.

The Holy Scriptures prepare us for the work which the Holy Spirit will do in our hearts. No other writings can do this, nor take the place of the Holy Scriptures. I love these discussions here, and they motivate me to search the Scriptures to know what the truth of the matter is. But I know that without the help of the Holy Spirit I am nothing, and cannot expect to know the truth.

There are many things in the Bible which none of us understand. Would you rather receive Spiritual understand first hand from God, or secondhand from man? So, without offending you, Bill, all of us are participants in this Christian fellowship which we have here; seeking and sharing the truth in Spiritual matters.

I strongly believe this is only edifying for each of us because we all live. But, I cannot do this with those who are dead. Does the nefarious purpose to which the interpretation of a Biblical passage, story, text or collection of texts might be put thereby invalidate an otherwise reasonable interpretation?

While I favor W. The notion of side-by-side moral and spiritual equality is not an argument for sameness, interchangeability or functional equality. It is, I believe, an argument against claims of divinely ordained male privilege or superiority. I happen to be enough of a traditionalist to believe that proportionately few women are inclined toward pastoral leadership, just as relatively few women are inclined to watch Sunday football, debate theology, or compete with for skins on the golf course.

But if they are, I see no Biblical, biological, or sociological reason why they should be denied the opportunity. The same arguments used against W. I just disagree with it. What I find more troubling is your reluctance to see scripture in a different light because of your fear that the devil can use it to his advantage. The devil is very protean and insidious. The devil is always there to turn it to his advantage. Certainly some things he shared would not necessarily negate male headship. But you and I know, Nathan, on this forum, the overwhelming emphasis is to support WO and equality in position of authority.

It was not written in a vacuum. I am always leery of presentations that tell me the bible needs to be altered for a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of truth. Yes, I am aware that the bible has been translated from other languages into English. None the less, I think God knows how to preserve basic word meanings that fit the main ideas He has communicated to the human family by way of the prophets and other bible writers. So, my point is this, Nathan. Thus, I view with considerable doubt anything I read where I am told there is real misunderstanding of the bible because of various glitches in word usage and meanings.

Yes, I am aware we believe the punctuation in the words of Jesus to the thief on the cross do not convey the true meaning intended. We have a vast array of evidence in all the bible to support our contention. Ninety nine percent of the defense for WO is pure speculation, or scripture wrested so far out of context, I would be embarrassed to admit I used them as the liberals do to support my view.

Having nothing what so ever to do with church government or orders of authority in this world. Novices in biblical theology have formulated church doctrine on many levels, and now we see the fruit of it as the church self destructs because of it. Sad to say, the Review on many levels is a joke and many know it. Are you also aware that the Bible has been translated TO other languages besides English? Or must they learn English to understand the true intent of the author? Any truly Biblical pastor would know better. I am not aware that she ever claimed that anything she wrote was to be regarded as part of the Bible.

How can we possibly know what was in their mind at that time? It was a story passed down for so long that to be identical to the first telling is astronomical. Their knowledge of anatomy and physiology was very primitive, even the first philosophers in Greece had limited information of human physiology so to accept all that was written about humans much earlier than A. At least you affirm what I stated, Elaine. According to the liberal agenda, no one can understand the bible and it could well mean anything.

And the same Holy Spirit that inspired the writers is present and able to give us the meaning in a consistent way that leaves no doubt as to what it says, means, and how it is applied. Before Jesus comes, the Holy Spirit will create a Christian community by way of the bible where every member agrees as to what it means and how it is applied. But the church has opted for Pluralism where everyone believes anything they want as long as they acknowledge church authority.

Anybody home? It is certainly not Protestant where every individual must decide for themselves what is bible truth and stand on the word of God, no matter what the majority decides. Oh, that they were inscribed in a book! It is evident that there was no one sitting with these men writing everything down, every word each one spoke.

And yet we have the book of Job. As with the Gospels, the writers would not have been following Jesus and recording every word which Jesus and others had said.

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  8. They would have been written latter. The memory of man is only superior when God inspires. There is no doubt, if one believes the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, that God was involved and the writers were inspired to write what God showed them. This is my understanding. Our bible is full of stories passed down to us by inspiration. We need sufficient humility to realize that even our best attempts to understand bring only a faded, though often inspiring, picture. Of course, I could be wrong.

    Many artists have been inspired in composing music, painting, and other forms of artistic and talented endeavors. Men may be inspired, but what exactly does that mean? To quote Scripture to prove Scripture is a tautological fallacy and is the refuge of those who accept all the Bible as literal and true, without regard to its compilation and historical oral stories that were told and retold, each time interpreted and then copied and later copied again. There are no original manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible and more than 5, of the NT.

    As to the pre-existing manuscripts from Qumran, the great Isaiah scroll two centuries before Christ, reads so close to the Masoretic Text that in the English translation no changes would appear. Your breezy view of copying leaves out the work of the Masoretes from the fourth to the tenth centuries AD. We have their latest and final productions virtually complete. They totaled the total number of columns in a book, say Isaiah.

    They counted the total number of words. They counted the total number of letters consonants all. They compared these stats with the newly-copied scroll. To create theology based on these breezy vague concepts is to reduce Scripture to a merely human production.

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    4. Without faith which is based on sound evidence, as the author of Hebrews so correctly observes it is impossible to please God. The Holy Scriptures are inspired by God and that is exactly why some disbelieve them! They cannot see or understand God, so they discredit everything He has done and will do in the world! Is this really the point of the Bible narrative?

      It seems clear to me that the purpose of this Genesis narrative is that when a man and a woman join together, they are reuniting the two sides of the Image of God. And that in either a man or a woman you have only Half of the Image of God. And yes this is the original Bible theology of sexual relationships, and yes it does pretty clearly exclude homosexual relationships from representing the complete Image of God. Therefore is a man closer to dirt than to his own wife? And did the other half or more of Eve also come from dirt or from stardust?

      God is sexual? Not according to Jesus Matthew Of course it feels strangely crazy to imagine that the LGBT community may actually be pathfindering eternity rather than hell. God sent Jesus to save the Creation, the World. There is no other way.

      Adam's Rib (1949) - A Woman Scorned Scene (4/10) - Movieclips

      It seems that we have doubts about this saved by Jesus part when we get to trying to understand how we are saved. Even though Jesus is clear, our salvation is not of ourselves, in trying to figure out salvation we always end up playing a key role in our own salvation … it must be the figuring out part where this mistake arises. Where did I ever write that God is sexual? Many times on this web site I have written that God is asexual. The physical union between a man and a woman that gives rise to new life, was intended by God to model the spiritual intimacy among the Godhead that gives rise to all life.

      Timely and Inspiring Prophetic Analysis so you can Prepare.

      Humans exist in the physical realm whereas the Godhead exist in the spiritual realm. Nevertheless the physical union between man and woman is also intended to be a spiritual union. And the spiritual union that exists within the Godhead produces everything else that now exists, or ever has existed, or ever will exist. The two Divinely ordained institutions for humans, that consummate the two creation narratives, are the Sabbath and Marriage. Not what I said.

      Simply put, because their value as conveyance of wisdom would be compromised. The result is a much deeper exposure to things for which there are no adequate words. The Bible stories, such as Creation, Adam and Eve, are far more powerful as myth and allegory than as historical accounts. Yes, they call it the Word of God, but it amounts to the same thing. Where Christ succeeded magnificently, they flail around with their auto mechanics approach, terrified of myth, metaphor and allegory, and intently twist away with ratchet wrenches on nuts, and bolts.

      They have shrouded the beautiful stories of the Bible in endless, hopeless, grease covered, analytical details. Christ and the God he revealed is lost. They have no success and their numbers are appropriately dwindling. In simple terms Christ revealed what God is. Even worse, his attempt to demythologize a rib myth reveals, evidently by the resistance recorded herein, that there is mini-myth acceptance by true believers that ought not to be tampered with!

      The Bible is ink on paper. Some of it was words in mind passed through the air to ears. To arrive to us as it now is involved unknown amounts of filtering of its developing contents that has left us with brief views of what others valued. It was all the work of humans. The criteria each used to assimilate from plethora of sources probably available, is mostly unknown to us.

      So to claim God steered it into our hands with perfect preservation is unsupportable. And that is why the mapping of its details has never and will never succeed. Micro-scoping details weakens the Bible. But seeing it as myth, allegory and metaphor, it moves us past puny details to a large view without the limitation of words. Dissecting a thing into its smallest constituent components, does indeed destroy the thing dissected.

      But on the other hand so does denial that the thing ever existed at all, and is only a figment of the human imagination. In the first instance you have nothing left. In the second instance you never had anything to begin with. The rabbis of old achieved it, Christ avoided it, and the current theoligcrats in pursuit of authorizing the Scriptures are dissectors par excellence, who in their zeal, may not realize they are performing an autopsy!

      Christ avoided what? Jesus was no mystic. Just read the apocalyptic portions of the gospels, Jesus is not treating scriptural prophecy as myth. I know you are testifying to Jesus and that is what everyone should do, to His Glory and Praise. He is the One of Whom the Scriptures Testify.

      Books by Pastor Star R. Scott | Calvary Temple Ministries

      Jesus came to do the will of His Father and to make Him known. Jesus had a unique knowledge of God the Father, but He comprehended His Father through ordinary, human, means. Look, Your father and I have sought You anxiously. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts.

      Jack, I see three parts to your critique. I see you must have much understanding in spiritual matters, its just that your not revealing it. Key texting has no value or interest for me. As to riddles, this is where my understanding of spiritual matters rests I am indebted to the ones Jesus told. You know them probably better than me. He seemed to be aware that words spoken are received by hearers with internal filters providing appropriate adjustments for that person. He was content with that. His message seemed to be that God is Love, not Jehovah of the Jewish tradition.

      That identity of God resonates the heart strings. Your understanding of spiritual matters is structured to fit you. That is fine with me. My expressed views usually swim against the current, openly so. Yeah right! At any rate, I thoroughly enjoy my conversations with you and all the others that have engaged me.

      I have nothing but respect for everyone across the spectrum of belief on this forum. So, should you, or anyone, ever wish to toss some stones at me, have at it, my skin could use a few more dings. Granted, the discussions on syntax, grammar, genitives, root words, tenses of verbs and quality of nouns as well as etymology can become tedious, dry, and seem to lose the point trying to be made.

      But it is all very important if we are trying to figure out the meaning of what the Bible says. Thankfully God has given each the ability to think critically and be educated in that ability to learn meaning in the midst of a grand message. Then just as diligent effort has to be made to not inject meaning through our biases by that bias awareness.

      A careful work of study will render apparent truth for which God calls His Word. I am so very tired of this battle about who is right and who is wrong. I can not believe that an accident of birth determines the worth and authority of a person. She may revolt by having a nervous breakdown, by getting a plane ticket and flying away, or by leaving him for another man. To resist the societal trend bent on eliminating or reversing roles within marriage, it is imperative for Christian spouses and young people planning for marriage, to study what God has to say in the Scripture regarding the proper roles for the husband and the wife.

      The Biblical view of marital roles, as we have seen in newsletter , derives not from ancient patriarchal culture but from the order established by God at creation. The acceptance of such a view provides the only solid foundation for a marriage covenant. Objectives of this Bible Study. This essay examines the meaning and applications of the Biblical principle of husband-headship and wife-submission. The study is divided into two parts. The first part considers the major New Testament passages concerning the roles of husband and wife.

      An attempt will be made to interpret the Biblical meaning of "headship" and "submission. Specifically, we shall consider what it means from a practical standpoint for the husband to practice headship and for the wife to practice submission to a caring husband. For the sake of brevity, I have left out much valuable material.

      Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers
      Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers
      Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers
      Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers
      Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers
      Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers Adams Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers

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