How Jesus Runs the Church

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6 Preaching Methods Jesus Used That You Should Too | Facts & Trends

Life is messy, sometimes overwhelmingly so. We have an idea of what a perfect day looks like and strive toward it, but we never reach it because a perfect day is not reality.

Part of living in contentment is understanding that our lives are messy, busy, and sometimes chaotic. The reason our lives are messy is that we are messy and sometimes hurting or broken. Jesus wants us to live in freedom. He wants us to trust Him with the mess of our broken past, the mess we have made by our own sin, the mess that we deal with from how we have been sinned against, and the mess that comes from living in a broken world.

God stepped into our messy world to save us and set us free. Jesus is not afraid of our mess. He wants to be in it with us and help us in the midst of whatever we are facing. By sending Jesus, God ran into the mess for us. Love is messy. As believers, Jesus wants us to follow His example and run toward others' mess.

People are dealing with pain, hurt, and difficulty all around us. Life gets overwhelming and struggles can weigh us down. As the church, we are not called to love from a distance. We are called, like Jesus, to be willing to step into the mess with others who are hurting and help those who are tired and wounded. What is the mess in your life that feels overwhelming to you?

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What is it in your life that is weighing you down? We have a God who wants to show us that He is who the Bible says He is. He is ready and able to step into what we are dealing with right now. Drag Swipe to Discover More. The apostle Paul wrote the majority of the New Testament. His leadership, influence, and legacy shaped the ea Here's a wild guess - is this something to do with the Presbyterian fascination with the regulative principle?

Book Review: How Jesus Runs the Church – Guy Prentiss Waters

Anyway, this book has plenty of good material. There is most definite great value in a thankful use of church government - that reminder alone was worth reading the whole book. Nov 18, Zach McDonald rated it liked it. Preface: I read this as someone who is exploring both Presbyterian and Congregational polities.

I wish I could give this book 3. Waters gives a a brief pages explanation and defense of the PCAs view of Presbyterian polity. While I understand why he does this he is after all, confessional it Preface: I read this as someone who is exploring both Presbyterian and Congregational polities. While I understand why he does this he is after all, confessional it is not entirely helpful for those who disagree with him. One particular point that threw me off course was his defense of the inclusion of children of believers within the church the covenant people of God but his assertion in the very next chapter that individuals do not enter the Kingdom of God by birth.

Overall, I am thankful for this book and for the time that was put into it. It was very informative and clarified the PCA position well, although I would argue not as extensively as I would have wished. But perhaps brevity was his purpose. Aug 13, Brian Collins rated it liked it. How Jesus Runs the Church is a book about Presbyterian church polity. The title may sound a bit cheeky to those, such as myself, who are not Presbyterian. Waters is making a serious point with the title, however.

Since Jesus is the Lord of the church, the form of church government is not left to the discretion of the members. Waters therefore seeks to demonstrate how the Presbyterian form of church government is grounded in Scripture. He also acquaints readers with older Presbyterian literature How Jesus Runs the Church is a book about Presbyterian church polity. He also acquaints readers with older Presbyterian literature on ecclesiology.

Though those with differing denominational convictions will find plenty to disagree with, Waters's clear writing style and effort to ground his view of church government makes him an ideal "conversation partner. Oct 15, Jacob rated it liked it. A quick and informative read.

I give this book a three and not a four because I wouldn't necessary recommend it to everyone. This is not an exposition of various perspectives of church polity; rather, it really is a discussion of primarily the Presbyterian PCA viewpoint. Waters doesn't spend a lot of time discussing the differences between different views, but defending the PCA view.

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But, for some A quick and informative read. But, for someone who doesn't ascribe to these views it might not be that informative. Feb 04, Brandon Wilkins rated it it was amazing. This is a very good survey of the classic Presbyterian view of church government. If you are new to Presbyterian ecclesiology and want to understand how it works, do yourself a favor and start with this book. Even the format of each chapter is very Presbyterian in that each chapter is written in a well-structured, "decently and in order" kind of way!

Sep 07, Jesse rated it it was amazing. This book not only provides the broad biblical support for Presbyterian church government, but also provides the specifics. Even if you are not in agreement with everything the author espouses you should at least be able to provide as airtight of a biblical argument for your own view of these issues.

Dec 28, Omar rated it really liked it Shelves: ministry , A good introduction to Presbyterianism. The book is easy to follow and very accessible for lay people. I do not agree with some of the conclusions he makes, but it did not take away from the book. I plan on using it for officer training. May 08, Alex Houston rated it really liked it. A helpful treatment of church government in general and Presbyterianism in particular. Excellent In my humble opinion this is a must read for elders in the PCA. Feb 17, Pete Williamson rated it liked it Shelves: leadership , pastoring , church.

A clear, straightforward primer on church government from a presbyterian point of view. Dec 27, Todd Wilhelm rated it really liked it. Good basic primer of presbyterian polity. Waters is a member of the PCA. View 1 comment. Aug 22, WH rated it really liked it Shelves: theology. Very good introduction to Presbyterian church government. Concise, clear, and comprehensive, but a bit dry at times. Nov 18, Ross Hodges rated it it was amazing Shelves: theology , A VERY good and very accessible book on church polity. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to understand the biblical basis for Presbyterian church government and why we do what we do.

Aug 19, John Yelverton rated it really liked it. A well done and concise explanation on the biblical concepts of church government. You will not agree with everything, but you must admit that the author has done his research. Oct 25, Cbarrett rated it it was amazing. Grateful for a solid defense of presbyterian polity that is readable and concise. Sep 30, Ian Hammond rated it it was amazing. This has been a formative book for me. Very helpful and useful. Mar 13, Sarah marked it as to-read.

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I expect this will be helpful for my ecclesiology paper. Feb 01, Alex rated it liked it. Assumes the reader is part of a Presbyterian church and knows what the Westminster Confession is. Otherwise a fairly easy and decent read on church government. Patrick rated it really liked it Jun 26, Dean rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Kyle Brent rated it really liked it Jun 21, Trent Still rated it really liked it Sep 20, Luke Rakestraw rated it liked it Jan 06, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Books by Guy Prentiss Waters. Trivia About How Jesus Runs th No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from How Jesus Runs th The answer is found in an important distinction. This is how Ebenezer Erskine and James Fisher, two eighteenth-century Scottish commentators on the Westminster Shorter Catechism, express the difference.

It is twofold; his essential and his mediatorial kingdom. Such a Strategy should synthesize the conclusions of the detailed investigative reports into a clear statement of the significances of the various elements within a comprehensive conservation philosophy for the proposed work. Conservation Plans also need to be developed for the other ecclesiastical buildings.

Nevertheless stronger controls are needed to ensure that the urban context of the property is not eroded.

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This area is now an Area under Planning, and any interventions are forbidden until the adoption the conservation and management plan and the bylaws that are currently being prepared by CCHP in cooperation with Bethlehem Municipality and MoTA. A Management Plan will be developed for the overall property by the Committee set up to oversee the roof repairs and this should define an overall management system for the property. This Plan needs to address the urban pressure on the property, tourism and traffic management, protection of views, and the conservation of buildings along the pilgrimage route.

The Plan also needs to address the better management of visitors, as the provision of facilities for visitors are impacting adversely on the fabric of the surrounding town. The municipality of Bethlehem and the Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation in Bethlehem, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Ministry of Local Government are working on preparing conservation and management plans for the historic town of Bethlehem.

The works are being implanted under the Heritage For Development Project, which is being funded by the European Commission, are expected to finish in December ; upon the completion of the works a conservation plan for the historic town of Bethlehem that includes bylaws for intervention within the historic town, a management plan for the historic town and a manual for interventions shall be at indorsed by Bethlehem municipality.

In addition, the team of the municipality is involved in the planning process, and is expected to have the full capacity for the handling of the outputs of the project. About us www. Help preserve sites now!

Join the , Members. Search Advanced. By Properties. Cultural Criteria: i ii iii iv v vi Natural Criteria: vii viii ix x. Category All Cultural Natural Mixed. All With videos With photo gallery. Country Region Year Name of the property. Without With. Geboorteplaats van Jezus: Geboortekerk en pelgrimsroute, Bethlehem Deze plek ligt 10 kilometer ten zuiden van Jeruzalem op de locatie die door de christelijke traditie als de geboorteplaats van Jezus werd aangewezen sinds de 2e eeuw na Christus.

Outstanding Universal Value Brief synthesis Bethlehem lies 10 kilometres south of the city of Jerusalem, in the fertile limestone hill country of the Holy Land. Integrity The property encompasses the Church of the Nativity and its architectural ensemble, which is composed of the Armenian, Franciscan and Greek Orthodox Convents, as well as an area of terraced land to the east and a short stretch of the Pilgrimage Route. Authenticity Located on the spot believed to be the Birthplace of Jesus Christ for some years, the Church of the Nativity is one of the most sacred Christian sites in the world since at least the 4 th century AD up to the present.

How Jesus Runs the Church How Jesus Runs the Church
How Jesus Runs the Church How Jesus Runs the Church
How Jesus Runs the Church How Jesus Runs the Church
How Jesus Runs the Church How Jesus Runs the Church
How Jesus Runs the Church How Jesus Runs the Church
How Jesus Runs the Church How Jesus Runs the Church
How Jesus Runs the Church How Jesus Runs the Church

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