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So anyways, anyone who read the manga knows that Uncle Oscar's a widower. His wife died while giving birth to his first born.

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Well, later in the manga, there's a big revelation concerning about that incident nyahahaha. Oh gawd. I'm rotten.

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Hmmm, I wanted to draw his older version but with my current level, I don't think I can do justice with it. I wanted to practice this body type too! So tell me me what you think about this artwork as well. The fireplace background is not mine, I got it from mendotahearth. Add a Comment:.

Heavy Panting in Pets: Hidden Meanings

Load All Images. Just look at those thighs Lord I think I would sneak in that room and lock the door Lord I think you would do Raven Justice too!! Thanks a lot XD I'm so embarrassed because this is a really old artwork haha.

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Oh I wish I can draw more fan art of the men characters from Pandora Hearts; the art style of the mangaka influenced me a lot with me drawing bishie characters. OMG I bet you would make me die from blood loss. XD But I also love the art style in pandora hearts!!!

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Prev Next. Every oscar fish that we have ever had occasionally looks as though it is panting or coughing, by which I mean it flaps its gills and rapidly opens and closes it's mouth. Also, they tend to look as though they are yawning every now and then, opening their mouth as wide as it will go and holding it that way for a second or so. They don't do this all the time and they have all been healthy fish. I did not know whether or not this was typical oscar behavior, or something I was causing, because I have had many oscars over the years and they have all exhibited this type of behavior.

Oscar panting

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could explain. Thanks in advance. OFL replied the topic: Re:Oscars look as if yawning or coughing? Yep, know exactly what you mean.

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  • I believe that fish can do this if the nitrates are very high.

    Panting For Oscar Panting For Oscar
    Panting For Oscar Panting For Oscar
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    Panting For Oscar Panting For Oscar
    Panting For Oscar Panting For Oscar

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