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Happily it was near the time when the seven Dwarfs came home. When they saw Snowdrop lying on the ground as though dead, they immediately suspected her stepmother, and searched till they found the poisoned comb.

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No sooner had they removed it than Snowdrop came to herself again and related what had happened. They warned her again to be on her guard, and to open the door to no one. When she heard the Glass speak these words she trembled and quivered with rage. Outwardly it was beautiful to look upon, with rosy cheeks, and every one who saw it longed for it, but whoever ate of it was certain to die. There she knocked. There, I will give you one.

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Now the apple was so cunningly painted that the red half alone was poisoned. Snowdrop longed for the apple, and when she saw the Peasant Woman eating she could hold out no longer, stretched out her hand and took the poisoned half.

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Scarcely had she put a bit into her mouth than she fell dead to the ground. Then her jealous heart was at rest, as much at rest as a jealous heart can be. The Dwarfs, when they came at evening, found Snowdrop lying on the ground and not a breath escaped her lips, and she was quite dead. They lifted her up and looked to see whether any poison was to be found, unlaced her dress, combed her hair, washed her with wine and water, but it was no use; their dear child was dead. They laid her on a bier, and all seven sat down and bewailed her and lamented over her for three whole days.

Then they set the coffin out on the mountain, and one of them always stayed by and watched it. And the birds came too and mourned for Snowdrop, first an owl, then a raven, and lastly a dove. Now Snowdrop lay a long, long time in her coffin, looking as though she were asleep. It happened that a Prince was wandering in the wood, and came to the home of the seven Dwarfs to pass the night.

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He saw the coffin on the mountain and lovely Snowdrop inside, and read what was written in golden letters. The Prince bade his servants carry it on their shoulders. In a short time she opened her eyes, lifted the lid of the coffin, sat up and came back to life again completely. Snowdrop agreed and went with him, and their wedding was celebrated with great magnificence. Yet she had no rest: she felt obliged to go and see the young Queen. And when she came in she recognised Snowdrop, and stood stock still with fear and terror. But iron slippers were heated over the fire, and were soon brought in with tongs and put before her.

And she had to step into the red-hot shoes and dance till she fell down dead. As she walked in her garden, she prayed every morning that a son or daughter might be given to her. Every morning the Queen used to take her little son into the gardens, where the wild animals were kept, to bathe him in a clear, sparkling fountain. It happened one day, when the child was a little older, that as she sat with him on her lap she fell asleep. Then he took the child away to a secret place, where he placed it out to be nursed.

Then he ran back to the King, and accused the Queen of having allowed her child to be carried off by a wild animal. He caused a high tower to be built, into which neither the sun nor the moon could penetrate. Then he ordered his wife to be shut up in it, and the door walled up. She was to stay there for seven years, without eating or drinking, so as gradually to pine away.

But two Angels from heaven, in the shape of white doves, came to her, bringing food twice a day till the seven years were ended. The Prince uttered the wish, and immediately a Maiden stood before them, more beautiful than any painter could paint. So they grew very fond of each other, and played together, while the old Cook went out hunting like any grand gentleman.

But the idea came to him one day that the Prince might wish to go to his father some time, and he would thereby be placed in a very awkward position. Then bring me his heart and his tongue. If you fail to do it, you will lose your own life. When he had gone away, she ordered a young hind to be brought and killed; then she cut out its heart and its tongue, and put them on a dish. Now hear your sentence.

You shall be turned into a black Poodle, with a gold chain round your neck, and you shall be made to eat live coals, so that flames of fire may come out of your mouth. As he said the words, the old man was changed into a black Poodle, with a gold chain round his neck; and the scullions brought live coals, which he had to eat till the flames poured out of his mouth. The Prince stayed on at the castle for a time, thinking of his mother, and wondering if she were still alive.

If you like you can go with me; I will take you. As she did not wish to go, and yet they could not bear to be parted, he changed her into a beautiful Pink, which he took with him. Then he set out on his journey, and the Poodle was made to run alongside till the Prince reached his own country. Arrived there, he went straight to the tower where his mother was imprisoned, and as the tower was so high he wished for a ladder to reach the top. Then he got down and went to his father. But there had never before been any game in the whole district.

The Huntsman promised to procure as much game as the King could possibly require for the royal table.

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Then he called the whole Hunt together, and ordered them all to come into the forest with him. He caused a great circle to be enclosed, with only one outlet; then he took his place in the middle, and began to wish as hard as he could. Immediately over two hundred head of game came running into the enclosure; these the Huntsmen had to shoot, and then they were piled on to sixty country wagons, and driven home to the King. So for once he was able to load his board with game, after having had none for many years.

The King was much pleased, and commanded his whole court to a banquet on the following day. As he sat there, his thoughts wandered to his dear mother, and he wished one of the courtiers would speak of her. Hardly had he wished it than the Lord High Marshal said —. Is she still alive in the tower, or has she perished? This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. A Entertaining Collection. Overall, this was an entertaining and enjoyable collection of short Grimm Brothers fairy tales.

Most are excellent; only a few miss the mark. No illustrations in the Kindle version, though. Jun 21, Nina rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy , children , classics. Kumpulan dongeng ini jalan ceritanya berbeda dari yang selama ini saya tahu, tokoh-tokohnya pun punya nama lain. Chapter pertama cerita Snowdrop namanya bukan Snow White , kemudian disusul dongeng dari tokoh lain. Cinderella namanya Ashenputten maaf kalau saya keliru. Namanya tidak familiar sih. Belum-belum saya sudah kesal dengan Snowdrop. Masa nih cewek bodoh banget. Diperingatkan oleh para kurcaci supaya tidak bukain pintu buat orang asing, eh masih aja bukain pintu buat si Queen alias ibu Kumpulan dongeng ini jalan ceritanya berbeda dari yang selama ini saya tahu, tokoh-tokohnya pun punya nama lain.

Diperingatkan oleh para kurcaci supaya tidak bukain pintu buat orang asing, eh masih aja bukain pintu buat si Queen alias ibu tiri jahat yang nyamar jadi wanita tua. Begitu sampe tiga kali. Bodohnya lagi, kok ya mau-maunya rambutnya disisir orang asing iya racun buat membunuh Snowdrop juga lewat sisir, tidak hanya lewat apel , lehernya diiketin pita dan akhirnya dicekik samoe Snowdrop mati suri.

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Kalau ingin baca dongeng yang tidak biasa, buku ini boleh dijadikan pilihan. Bahasa Inggrisnya juga enggak sulit. It begins with a mother wishing that her daughter would be beautiful, and so so she was. But when the mother died and the father remarried, the evil step mother is very vain and despises her lovely step daughter Snowdrop.

It was a good story, one with memorable characters. Kindness is more beautiful than physical beauty. The ones by Rackham and those by Trina Schart-Hyman's illustrations for Snow White are the best in the old storybookish style that I love.

Povestea lăcrămioarei (Tale by snowdrop).

Caitie rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Lisa rated it really liked it Sep 27, Marts Thinker rated it liked it Jul 22, Butterfly Mentions rated it really liked it Aug 17, Muriel rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Tessa De Vocht rated it it was amazing Aug 18, Nicole Lingley rated it it was amazing Jun 17, Shawn Stafford rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Rebekah Kensington rated it it was ok Oct 05, Irmina rated it liked it Dec 18, Very good book.

Keith Dowman rated it it was ok Jan 16, Cindaren rated it it was amazing Sep 10, Nickole Schlapkohl rated it it was ok Nov 20, Hanaa rated it really liked it Jun 29, Elizabeth Colvin rated it really liked it Jan 15,

Snowdrop and Other Tales Snowdrop and Other Tales
Snowdrop and Other Tales Snowdrop and Other Tales
Snowdrop and Other Tales Snowdrop and Other Tales
Snowdrop and Other Tales Snowdrop and Other Tales
Snowdrop and Other Tales Snowdrop and Other Tales
Snowdrop and Other Tales Snowdrop and Other Tales
Snowdrop and Other Tales Snowdrop and Other Tales
Snowdrop and Other Tales Snowdrop and Other Tales

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