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Most of our work continues to do this one way or another, and Weiser and Lau are no exceptions there. What we can find in their books, though, goes the Aesthetic one better in using it to create critical thinking. The circular logic of bourgeois aisthesis , seeing and feeling truths through art works or in artistic expression, always comes back to the power of the person and experience.

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The bourgeoisie and their allies have no trouble accepting this, even in its most transcendent Artaudian, for example forms. As the bourgeois world has evolved, despite such strongly static forces, artists have found ways to counter this counter-progressive gravity in Aesthetics. Their moves have begun to reveal the contradictions in the aesthetic to the point where a breakdown or breakthrough is apparent.

These are what get recapitulated in part as art moves forward. We combine aspects from each stage in the following stages, not leaving them behind but making them new. Lau and Weiser are helping to shape the fresh framework that makes the old newly new. We can find all three of those earlier aspects at work in Still Dirty and Or, The Ambiguities , and we can see these modes transformed by something newer that actually rises out of them. This is the basic poetry of naming and imagery; praise songs and psalms abound because of our work with it. Mimesis , Imitation or Dramatization, is the root of ritual and theatre as they develop from poiesis.

The bourgeois rewards for writer and reader and society come from the perceptions expressed, but that leads back into a world of hierarchized values unless some force of contradiction breaks those open first. This is the new mode that shows up in these two books. Lau and Weiser use both old and new angles to give us a doubled context for thinking and reading in their new works. The four modes give us four aspects to look at in each work.

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Many have found ways to create the doubled contextualization of noesis that is necessary to critical thinking. Both have parts that emphasize noesis , and both demonstrate a repertoire of moves from all four phases of our artistic phylogeny. Both are exciting books of poetry, especially where noesis nudges us into that extra dimension of contradictions that aisthesis might leave unopened.

The bulk of both books can be read fully in terms of the three older modes, but both engage the newer mode in their reach through the personal and social to the political. They come from the limitations of those modes that try to put it all into imagery, dramatization, and perception through feelings or even the feeling of knowledge.

Migra dynamite. There is a fair amount of narrative in these poems from time to time, too. Disciplined, we return, come.

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If we cross their property borders,. Those who fought it. The feeling-perceptions in these poems shuttle between seeing through the hegemonic reality and seeing into another:. The universal empire of crime,. Lau offers us perceptions that rise from confrontations between these realities in our lived moments.

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These are not just mimetic mirrors at work but an interplay of the mirrorings in such mirrors. That adds crazy depth as it presents reflections on, and of, the contradictions in our reality. It opens a battle of idioms. The first poem in the book uses these tensions to create its tremendous energy, not an energy of rant or simple insight but one of fun with a point. Right there, we have image and drama and perception to be shared; we also have the doubling of sense that can encompass or engage critical thinking.

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This title shuttles back and forth between two or more idioms without settling on either side of the divide between them. It lets them speak for themselves, but never without calling the other to mind. That is noetic. The poem begins after that with a couple of stanzas that narrate an experience of. Electro riot tonight, May Day, Santa Cruz.

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  6. The poem plays a fairly straight-forward game of image, narrative, and perceptions like. The wind was blowing down trees;.

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    This poem ends with a fairly simple image and a direct statement, but one that returns to the tension of confrontation between idioms:. We are the crisis. The trucking image, crossed with a pop-rock music reference, honors the truckers who joined in the Occupy acts at Long Beach and Oakland. The last short line is the kicker, though. This, again, is a noetic move. With all the critical thinking invited by the title and this last line, this first poem sets a fresh tone above both its old-time moves and its contemporary references.

    This sort of critique gets established right off as a basis for Still Dirty and our thinking enjoyment of its poems. These all serve the aesthetic effort to relay perceptions. This gives Or, The Ambiguities a particular kind of coherence, one dear to Melville who sailed across many maps. But instead of trying to blend in, we did the opposite and started conversation with just about everyone minus the hotel staff that we were trying to avoid. Sitting at the table next to us ended up being one a well-known name in Washington that our one guy friend instantly recognized and had a long conversation about politics and economics.

    So what does one eat after a trip to Mexico? Mexican food of course. I finished it off with something that was chocolate smothered in more chocolate and then topped with a bit more chocolate for good measure. I think I had an orgasm in the middle of dinner. It was amazing! When we caught the shuttle back to the airport, it was of course the same driver that had dropped us off. How can you not remember a pack of smelly, hippy kids? He left us alone the rest of the ride back to the airport.

    We tipped him well. My Grandma was a twin. So when she and her brother turned 80, we booked the dining room at her favorite restaurant in Parkville, Missouri, and threw them a birthday dinner. As we all sat down, the server came over to get our drink orders. We could see her scanning the table trying to find the birthday guy and gal.

    I thought that I was doing a party for 8-year-old twins! I think you might be my first set of year-old twins ever!

    And so it went. I think most of the wait staff came by to catch a glimpse of the year-old twins. Seriously, I could live off their butter cream. I went to a small liberal arts, non-denominational college. Yep, you read that right. So when Easter fell in the middle of the spring semester and those of us that lived out of state were stuck on campus for the weekend, a group of us that lived in my dorm decided we would cook Easter dinner for anyone who wanted to stop by. We spent the week before slowly stealing plates and silverware from the dining hall so that we would have enough dishes to feed a small army.

    That morning, we met in the kitchen of the dorm next door since it was more cooking friendly than the one in our hall and got to work. We each made a few dishes to add to the menu. I made french onion soup, pineapple upside down cake, and a few other goodies. There was ham and I think some sort of chicken. Deviled eggs. Cheesy potatoes. Salad and all the Easter staples. Around lunch time, we started carrying dishes across the quad. The pool table in the lobby was full of food.

    Random strangers were greeted at the door and invited to join us for dinner. Everyone was laughing, telling stories about how their family celebrated the holidays. Never underestimate the power of food to bring people together. Picking one meal IS tough! When the meal arrived, it was: two eggs, a rasher of bacon, toast, milk, orange juice, a stack of pancakes with syrup, a waffle with berries, hash browns and sausage!

    Too funny! Something about eating all my daily calories and 3 days worth of saturated fat before 10 am kills the appetite. I love your stories. I can really visualize everything you were writing about. Having lived in LA, I can totally imagine the looks you guys got in the fancy shmancy hotel — lol. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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    Very Dirty Stories #27 Very Dirty Stories #27
    Very Dirty Stories #27 Very Dirty Stories #27
    Very Dirty Stories #27 Very Dirty Stories #27
    Very Dirty Stories #27 Very Dirty Stories #27
    Very Dirty Stories #27 Very Dirty Stories #27
    Very Dirty Stories #27 Very Dirty Stories #27
    Very Dirty Stories #27 Very Dirty Stories #27
    Very Dirty Stories #27 Very Dirty Stories #27
    Very Dirty Stories #27

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