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By order of the mayor, the bell rang in honor of Washington's birthday and cracked beyond repair.

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In anticipation of the centennial in , a different bell was produced from four melted-down Revolutionary and Civil War cannons. The Centennial Bell was part of the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, later recast to improve the tone, and hung in the bell tower of Independence Hall, where it remains today. Fact: Benjamin Franklin experimented with bifocals.

Franklin is credited with inventing bifocal glasses, and you can see a sketch in this letter to George Whatley, along with this description : "I imagine it will be found pretty generally true, that the same Convexity of Glass through which a Man sees clearest and best at the Distance proper for Reading, is not the best for greater Distances. I therefore had formerly two Pair of Spectacles, which I shifted occasionally, as in travelling I sometimes read and often wanted to regard the Prospects.

Finding this Change troublesome and not always sufficiently ready, I had the Glasses cut, and half of each kind associated in the same Circle, thus By this means, as I wear my Spectacles constantly, I have only to move my Eyes up or down as I want to see distincly far or near, the proper glasses being always ready.

Commanders War Time Treasures They Stole It, Now You Can Find It

Fiction: "The last time this was here, it was being signed. Though it makes for a dramatic moment, Ben, Abigail, and Riley's unfurling of the Declaration of Independence in the Assembly Room does not mark the document's first return to Independence Hall since the signing. In fact, the engrossed parchment was brought from Washington, D. Abigail and Riley go for 6th and Chestnut, run up 6th, and suddenly find themselves in Reading Terminal Market before running to City Hall coincidentally, passing the Masonic Temple.

Pentagon never released it out of deference to his widow

Both runs are approximately one mile. Even assuming the most direct route from City Hall, that means that Abigail and Riley travelled at least two and a half miles in total! Ben Abigail and Riley. Fact: Broadway was called de Heere Street by the Dutch. Originally the Wickquasgeck Trail, Dutch settlers renamed the route traversing Manhattan Island from south to north de Heere Straat, which means the Gentlemen's Street. Much of modern day Broadway follows these original roads.

Patrick tells Ian that "the lantern is the clue," because one lantern was hung in the steeple of Old North Church, and that's where the next clue must be located. This misdirection works, and Ian is eventually arrested in Boston. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem " Paul Revere's Ride " popularized the saying, though you have to continue reading the poem to know that "A second lamp in the belfry burns".

Ben: "Of all the ideas that became the United States, there's a line here that's at the heart of all the others. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Main Menu Utility Menu Search.

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To get this out of the way, we'll start with the most obvious piece of fiction. Fact: Iron gall ink was the "primary writing medium of the time" After centuries of use, by the late 18th century, iron gall ink was still the most popular ink in use, especially for an official document like the Declaration of Independence. Fiction: Abigail is missing the Inaugural button Most of the buttons in Abigail's collection could be referred to as "the Inaugural". Fact: "The only thing there is a notation that reads Original Declaration of Independence dated 4th July " After Ben begins to describe his theory, Abigail makes this claim, which Ben joins halfway through.

First, the movie is an accurate depiction of the horrors of naval warfare in the early 19th century. Second, the movie is accurate in its pacing, separating intense battle sequences with long periods in which nothing much seems to happen. The stunning success of hyperviolent R-rated movies this year suggests that audiences will have no problem with the relatively staid, off-screen mayhem of "Master and Commander, " rated PG Plot : A British naval captain chases a French privateer around the continent of South America during the Napoleonic wars. What works : The production design and cinematography are award-worthy, and the glimpses of daily life aboard a 19th-century sailing vessel are interesting.

What doesn't : The meandering story only occasionally is engaging. Starring : Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany. Director : Peter Weir. Running time : 2 hours 18 minutes. Rating : PG, for language, violence, intense battle scenes and related images. Russell Crowe stars as Capt. It's , and Aubrey has been ordered to pursue a French privateer that has been making life miserable for the British Navy, and to stop him by any means necessary. The movie begins promisingly enough as the French frigate, the Acheron, emerges from a fog bank to launch a Surprise attack.

The battle leaves the Surprise's seaworthiness in serious question.

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  8. Aubrey's best friend, Stephen Maturin Paul Bettany , the ship's doctor, is shocked that Aubrey has no intention of returning home to England or putting in for repairs. Not accustomed to losing, Aubrey is intent on fulfilling his mission. That's where the movie begins to go wrong.

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    The audience is asked to believe that the ship is in danger, but not one crew member seems terribly concerned. The ship's problems are presented as mere inconveniences. If the characters aren't engaged in their own fates, there's little chance that the audience will be.

    Eventually, there's a thrilling storm sequence as the Surprise rounds the tip of South America, and, much later, there's a final battle with the Acheron. In between, Weir presents an interesting depiction of daily life aboard the Surprise. It's like an extremely well-produced Discovery Channel re-creation. This gripping history of the soldiers who worked during the war to track down and save imperiled masterworks of European art seized by the Nazi's, If you enjoy rejection, criticism, small-minded thinking, and antiques e.

    Why then pursue it? On May 26, , 11 days before the one called D-Day, Gen.

    Sunken Treasure Ship Worth Billions Possibly Found After 300 Years

    Jeffrey Brown has our conversation. You know that sense of personal loss you get when you're paging through a monograph on a favourite artist, and come upon a grainy old Adolf Hitler's plan for the subjugation of the world included its culture and treasures. Art was to be taken from conquered countries and stored in He planned to From through the last months of the war, the Nazi army seized priceless paintings, sculptures, tapestries and more, from museums, palaces, cathedrals, private homes, even A newly discovered catalogue of artworks stolen by Nazis compiled for Adolf Hitler could help unravel the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of lost masterpieces seized Monuments Men by Robert M.

    You may have heard about Nazis destroying and looting art all over Europe. But you may not know that the looting - tons of works Robert Edsel will tell you he's no Indiana Jones. But the former Dallas oilman has traded the search for Texas black gold for what he Stationed in Germany after World War II, James Reeds was the chief clerk for a little office with a big mission: rescuing art that the Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vermeer -- these masterpieces grace the walls of museums today but might have been lost forever if not for the work of Author Robert Edsel discusses his new book, "Rescuing da Vinci".

    Commanders War Time Treasures Commanders War Time Treasures
    Commanders War Time Treasures Commanders War Time Treasures
    Commanders War Time Treasures Commanders War Time Treasures
    Commanders War Time Treasures Commanders War Time Treasures
    Commanders War Time Treasures Commanders War Time Treasures
    Commanders War Time Treasures Commanders War Time Treasures
    Commanders War Time Treasures Commanders War Time Treasures
    Commanders War Time Treasures Commanders War Time Treasures

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