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This does not mean that you will have to be in the witness box in the court room. The police can ask the judge to let you answer their questions via a live video link. Parents and carers can help a person on the autism spectrum to stay safe and to be treated appropriately by the police. Many do not have a diagnosis. To get a formal diagnosis while in prison, contact the healthcare team and ask them to refer you to someone who has experience of diagnosing autism spectrum disorders.

If you are refused a referral, then you may wish to go through the complaints process. If you are diagnosed whilst in prison, you may be classed as vulnerable. This may lead to you being moved to a different wing of the prison or to a more suitable prison. If you already had an EHC Plan, you will still have the plan when you go into custody and the support described in your plan must still be provided.

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You can keep in touch with family and friends through letters, phone calls and visits. Prisons have different rules about when and how often you can have visitors, and about the number of visitors allowed at the same time. Find out more about:. Learn from our members around the world why they joined Accreditation and how it has improved their practice. We use additional cookies to learn how you use this site and to improve your browsing experience.

If you consent, please allow all. More information. Cookies set previously will still exist; learn how to remove existing cookies. You are here: Home About autism Adult life Encounters with the law. Encounters with the law. Being a victim or witness of a crime If you witness a crime, or are the victim of a crime, you might be interviewed by the police and go to court. Police interviews The police may need to conduct a formal interview to record your account on DVD. Interview location Most of these kinds of interviews are carried out at a police station or other police premises.

The interviewer You can help them to choose a suitable person to conduct the interview by telling them about any dislikes, such as perfume or a particular colour of clothing.

Prisoners could earn release through education

A witness supporter You can have a witness supporter, such as a teacher or social worker who already works with you, or an advocate. Communication As long as good communication is established, autistic people can make excellent witnesses. Court If someone is charged with an offence, you might need to go to court as a witness.

Ensure that the person carries an identity card, such as the Autism Alert Card , with their personal details, emergency contacts, an explanation of their condition, and that the person has the right to an 'appropriate adult'. If possible, teach the person to inform any police officers that they come into contact with that they are on the autism spectrum.

These may be useful if they ever come into contact with the police. Unusual behaviour that seems cute or endearing in a child may be interpreted as odd or threatening in an adult.

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Support the person to keep safe. Keep safe: a guide to personal safety is a leaflet aimed at adults with a learning disability. Do they think the police only talk to people who have done something wrong? If a police officer turns up, will they think that they are in trouble? Do they know they can talk to the police if they need help? Work with the police to help to plan the interview, including visiting and taking photos of where the interview will take place. Help to prepare the person by explaining to them what will happen and accompanying them to visit the court or interview location and meet the interviewer, introducing them in a similar way to how you introduce other new people or situations.

The Redbook – A Manual on Legal Style | Prison Legal News

It can be hard for parents and carers to listen, without helping or interrupting, when their loved one is talking about something potentially traumatic. There is often scope for you to watch what is happening from a place outside the interview room. This situation leaves many prisoners forced to spend hours a day in their cell. However, Gove has already taken one major step towards improving educational attainment in prison by removing the remaining restrictions to prisoners' access to books. Last Sunday he announced an end to the limit on the number of books prisoners could have in their cell and allowed families and friends to send in books to inmates.

Prisoners' struggle to access key titles limited their ability to complete educational courses under the regime of Gove's predecessor, Chris Grayling. Opinion Former Video Many prisoners fear their release date. It's not what you'd think, is it? Prison overcrowding Innovation to cut crime and protect victims APIL has been fighting for the rights of injured people for over 25 years Could you eat 12, potatoes?

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Comments Load in comments. Friday lunchtime.

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What is special about Books Beyond Words?
Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words) Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words)
Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words) Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words)
Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words) Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words)
Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words) Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words)
Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words) Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words)
Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words) Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words)
Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words) Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words)
Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words) Youre in Prison (Books Beyond Words)

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