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Paige Miller. She created and stars in her own digital series titled Cady Did , which will be released in the near future. Tickets on sale now! Donor level ticketing available. Please inquire! Enjoy food, cocktails, and meet the performers of Dancers For Good ! A limited quantity of tickets will be available to purchase at the door. Though he may not have discovered it, Robinson also made the stair dance famous. Primrose was an Irish dancer known for his exceptionally graceful soft-shoe, which often traversed the whole stage.

Fred Astaire courtesy Dance Magazine Archives. Astaire's name is synonymous with the movie tradition of tap. His on-the-toes, class-act style made him a Hollywood sensation. He was especially well known for his partnership with Ginger Rogers. Movie star Powell insisted on full control of her choreography, dubbed her own tap sounds in the recording studio, and attacked complex rhythms with speed and aggression while wearing a top hat and tails.

Whitman was one of the first successful black female solo acts, and became known as the "Queen of Taps" for her clean sounds. The Nicholas Brothers were known for playing with offbeat rhythms, alternating solos, and pulling off unbelievable splits and flips with impeccable timing.

Coles was an incredibly speedy tapper who also had tremendous grace. An accomplished hoofer, Brown created a lasting legacy through mentorship.

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  • Gregory Hines.
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  • "Master Juba" (possibly William Henry Lane).
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  • Gene Kelly.

His Sunday evening tap jams in NYC in the s made tap accessible to a whole new generation. Jimmy Slyde courtesy Dance Magazine Archives.

As his name suggests, Slyde was known for his signature slide. In the s, his weekly tap jams at La Cave nightclub in NYC were known as "the University" for many of today's best tappers.


Tap suffered a decline in the s, but surged back to life in the '70s—thanks in no small part to a group of women led by Bufalino. It was a big job. An empowering job. A wonderful job. After 30 years as an elementary teacher and reading specialist she retired and was thrilled to join the St.

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson - Dancer - Biography

Louis Strutters in It is a blessing for me to bring joy to others, especially through dance and song. She started dancing as a younger child and became a dance assistant at the age of twelve. She choreographed and performed in local productions, Washington University Bearskin Follies, and special community events. After raising her children and retiring from teaching, and the business and health fields, she welcomed the opportunity of rigorous community service and became 1st Runner Up in the Ms Senior Missouri Pageant in Within a few years the opportunity to dance with The Strutters evolved.

Betty is thrilled to give to the community as a member of this talented, diverse, and spirited group of gifted women. She also was a performer in "Swan Lake" and was soon a member of Actors Equity with The Muny Opera for seven years with principal dance roles. The following years Susie spent dancing in New York including shows on National television. She innovated a dance program for Parkway public schools and taught classic ballet and performed for The Metropolitan Ballet Co.

A Strutter since , Susie also taught low impact aerobics for seniors promoting fitness as a way of life. When Susie retired her tap shoes she became the Emcee extraordinaire for the St. Louis Strutters delighting audiences during their shows with her quick wit and original stories.

One of which is a healthy sense of well-being.

Let's 'Tap' for the List of Most Famous Tap Dancers of All Time

She danced through her teenage years until she found something more interesting than dance -- boys! Finding her way back to dance again in the early s she fell in love with Swing Dance at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio and became an instructor. She competed in many swing dance competitions locally and out-of-state.

In Deanna became a Food Demonstrator at Costco where she loved interacting with the people. In she auditioned for the St.

Early history

Louis Strutters and after learning the dance routines Deanna became a Strutter in It relieves stress and makes you happy inside and out!

The Tap Dancers Wife The Tap Dancers Wife
The Tap Dancers Wife The Tap Dancers Wife
The Tap Dancers Wife The Tap Dancers Wife
The Tap Dancers Wife The Tap Dancers Wife
The Tap Dancers Wife The Tap Dancers Wife
The Tap Dancers Wife The Tap Dancers Wife
The Tap Dancers Wife The Tap Dancers Wife
The Tap Dancers Wife The Tap Dancers Wife
The Tap Dancers Wife

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