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Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Shop Indie eBooks. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 2. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Resigned to never knowing the truth about his mate's disappearance, Marrok Walker is a guardian with nothing left to lose. If he were really lucky, though, it would lead to their hideout. His body tensed in anticipation at the possibility of locating them.

He was an alpha who never backed down from a challenge, and they had messed with the wrong wolf. With a powerful leap, he increased his speed. Alexander Petrov was originally from Russia. His grandparents had settled in the Missouri countryside four hundred years before in the hopes of providing a safe place for their pack.

Upon their arrival, the nearest neighbor had been half a day away. It was paradise for an exhausted pack seeking a peaceful existence. Although the years had passed and the population had increased, the area had not changed much. Werewolves were extremely long —lived, and his family was no exception.

His grandparents were still alive and enjoying the fruits of their labors. Alexander moved to the settlement eighteen years before. His parents remained in Russia, staying in the homeland they loved so much. He visited at least twice a year, but he'd never regretted the decision to leave. Something about Missouri just felt right to him.

Louis his home office. Now, the majority of his time was spent there in the city, in the rented luxury apartment he maintained. The full moon always found him here, though, running free with his pack through the isolated fields and hills. Two weeks before, a series of grisly attacks had started around Nashoba. Cows and horses were found dead, their throats brutally ripped out. Early one morning an Amish man had been attacked in cold blood while milking his cow.

He reported being ambushed by a panther and barely escaped with his life. The guardians knew immediately the attacks originated with shape shifters. Which meant they had to stop it. When Ivan had called him with the news, Alexander immediately made preparations to depart from St. He'd had no choice but to return home, immediately. It hadn't taken long for them to discover the pack behind it. They'd left a scent trail a mile wide. They were also dangerous, stopping at nothing to find whatever it was they were looking for.

The guardians were working tirelessly to locate them, but the panthers were extremely crafty. When they wanted to be. He slowed down as he neared another patch of forest. Southern Missouri was perfect for a werewolf, with plenty of space to roam freely. Heavily forested, it gave them the obscurity they needed to survive. They couldn't allow the panthers to destroy that for them. The world had changed and finding another home wouldn't be easy The community was in a panic.

People were afraid to leave their homes after dark, and they were getting very vocal in their demands for something to be done. Once it became viral, their town would be overrun with every paranormal hunter in the country. He splashed through a slow-moving creek bed before continuing through the forest. His nose picked up a clearer scent, and he could see fresh tracks. He raised his head and scanned the surroundings as his fur bristled.

The dark night held no mysteries for one of his kind, and nothing that breathed would be able to get past him. The panthers were near, and they'd just made a huge mistake.

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They hadn't counted on him. With his nose back to the ground he loped off, certain the tracks would lead to their next victim. At the edge of the forest, he slowed down and cautiously approached. At first, nothing appeared to be out of place at the quaint little homestead. It was surrounded by thick trees and woods, in a valley that looked like it belonged on a greeting card.

In the center of the clearing was a well-maintained log cabin, the chimney releasing the smoke from the fireplace. A wooden barn and metal shed were behind it, the doors closed up at that time of night. It was your typical small farm, complete with a chicken coop, a cow, and a little vegetable garden. The sound of breaking glass drew his attention as another scream echoed through the night.

He raced down the hill, his wolf body tense and ready for battle. Easing up to the corner of the porch he crouched down low, looking for the woman. He was downwind from the panther, and a quick glance showed that there was only one. The wolf smiled. That definitely evened the odds. Looking up, he watched the large, half-shifted panther taunting the woman. He was standing on the porch as he busted out a large window with one massive hand.

Alexander could smell the pleasure he derived from toying with her, but he held back the growl of outrage. As powerful as he was, the panther could have entered at anytime. Instead, he was savoring her fear. His cockiness would be his downfall. Thick black fur covered his entire body, but he was still on two legs.

With ears on the top of his head and long fangs, the panther shifter was a gruesome sight. Alexander could only imagine how horrifying he would be to a human. I'm not too afraid to blow your ass right back to whatever hell you came from. With his enhanced hearing, Alexander could hear the cock of the rifle.

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She meant business. His muzzle curled up slightly in humor, and had he been in human form he might have laughed. She definitely had spunk. The shifter threw his head back and laughed before speaking. At least before I kill you. The woman remained silent.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Alexander regretted it. And my plan is to go full-court-press to win her over and make her mine. Kindle Drilled by Cassie Cole: When Lexa Lewis rents her townhouse out to four chiseled oil workers, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. Drilled is a sexy, suspenseful reverse harem romance filled with humor, action, and mystery.

It also contains sizzling hot menage encounters, in single and multiple partner scenes. HEA guaranteed! A steamy dark fantasy adventure featuring hot Alpha werewolves, heart-stopping adventure, and twists that will leave you glued to your Kindle. Military heroes. Sexy witches.

Jaxson has to claim a mate or step down as alpha, but his dark secret will kill any mate he claims. Wolves and witches mix like matches and TNT… and their secrets could destroy them both…. But one week of summer camp will change all of that. Before they go their separate ways, Keke and Pete must come to terms with their budding attraction.

After family secrets bubble to the surface, could their romance ruin their friendship? Can they find the courage to pursue their dreams and their hearts? He wants to help her. Limited time offer! Mad love. Unbearable heartache. Redeeming the unredeemable. Meet the vivacious four women who fell in love with irresistible bad boys who push their buttons, challenge them to a point of madness, and love like no other.

She enlists the help of her best friend, Fire Captain Brody Lawson, to give her lessons in seduction. All Zoey and Drew need to do is pretend to be a couple for one night. But one night can change everything. When all illusions shatter, she must make hard choices. Both a sweet romance and a page-turning thriller. Mortier: Unconditional: Family meant everything to Dominic Stone.

But his family was under threat because of his past profession. But then he is suddenly the joint-guardian of a teenager and his life is never the same again. He entices the harlot to spend a week at his estate. But when she enflames his passions, will she prove too hot for him to handle? Enter a world of submission and decadence with this scorching hot romance!

Sparks fly and NOT the good kind. Grab your copy and enter a world of edge of your seat thrills full of vampires and love. Burly bears. Passionate wolves. Sizzling romance! Discover your next hot alpha hero in this unforgettable volume of suspenseful paranormal romances!

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My Wolf King: A Werewolf Romance Novel (Wolf Town Guardians Book 1) My Wolf King: A Werewolf Romance Novel (Wolf Town Guardians Book 1)
My Wolf King: A Werewolf Romance Novel (Wolf Town Guardians Book 1) My Wolf King: A Werewolf Romance Novel (Wolf Town Guardians Book 1)
My Wolf King: A Werewolf Romance Novel (Wolf Town Guardians Book 1) My Wolf King: A Werewolf Romance Novel (Wolf Town Guardians Book 1)
My Wolf King: A Werewolf Romance Novel (Wolf Town Guardians Book 1) My Wolf King: A Werewolf Romance Novel (Wolf Town Guardians Book 1)
My Wolf King: A Werewolf Romance Novel (Wolf Town Guardians Book 1) My Wolf King: A Werewolf Romance Novel (Wolf Town Guardians Book 1)
My Wolf King: A Werewolf Romance Novel (Wolf Town Guardians Book 1) My Wolf King: A Werewolf Romance Novel (Wolf Town Guardians Book 1)

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