The Last Seduction (a short story)

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We keep waiting for the movie to lose its nerve, and it never does: This woman is bad from beginning to end, she never reforms, she never compromises, and the movie doesn't tack on one of those contrived conclusions where the morals squad comes in and tidies up. Ebert later ranked the film fifth on his year-end list of 's best movies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Last Seduction Original theatrical poster. ITC Entertainment. The New York Times.

Seduced by Steve Barancik: The Last Seduction

Retrieved Creative Screenwriting. Retrieved September 10, Entertainment Weekly. December 4, Chicago Sun-Times. Retrieved June 28, Film portal. Films directed by John Dahl. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Original theatrical poster. Chicago Film Critics Association Awards. Cognac Festival du Film Policier. They also virtually never received a happy ending.

More specifically, they always got their comeuppance by either landing in prison or getting themselves killed. The Last Seduction takes a typical noir narrative and turns it on its head by positioning the Femme Fatale as the protagonist. Those movies would feel much different than they are. Instead Bridget is our hero. While the supporting cast are all good, she is the one who carries the movie. Linda Fiorentino plays Bridget as a greedy, manipulative person with a very dark sense of humor.

Even when a situation starts to get out of her control she always manages to worm her way out of trouble.

The Last Seduction (1994) Best Scenes

One of the key moments where she uses her skills getting herself out of a threatening situation is when Harlan finally catches up to her. Having found Bridget, he quickly jumps into her front passenger seat as she starts the car. Bridget takes her time by leading Harlan on a wild goose chase; allowing herself the opportunity to play some mind games with him.

Harlan begins opening up about his contempt towards the townspeople. Long story short, after psyching Harlan out enough for him to pull his penis out of his pants to prove her wrong Bridget takes advantage the moment he has his seat belt unbuckled to ram the car into a light pole. Harlan is killed instantly as he crashes through the windshield. At the hospital she claims Harlan was intending to rape her, which everyone seems to believe.

She walks away scot-free. Fiorentino brings to life a character who I should despise and yet I still found myself rooting for her to outsmart her husband and the PI. The audience gets caught up in her exploits but depending on how you feel about her as a character the ending could make or break this movie for you. She fakes a letter from Trish to Mike, saying she wants to move to Beston to be closer to him.

This pushes Mike over the edge to the point he finally agrees to leave with Bridget as long as he kills someone for her. That someone being Clay. After arriving in New York Mike breaks into their apartment and forces Clay to chain himself up at gunpoint.

The Last Seduction Blu-ray

When Bridget arrives, expecting to see a very dead Clay, she instead finds a very much alive Clay along with Mike demanding an explanation. Bridget uses her pepper spray on Clay, choking him to death by forcing the spray down his throat. Mike attempts to call the police before Bridget coaxes him into beating her as she gets more sexually aggressive with him to make it look like he raped her.

Which he does. All while she gets on the line to hear everything. Mike is arrested while Bridget disposes of any evidence that could prove Mike was manipulated. Based on all this, The Last Seduction ends on a pretty grim note. So what is there to like about this ending?

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Because of that uncertainty I was actually worried for her. Sharif, who is the emir of some little country in the desert, sees Irene, who is a nanny of sorts, at a wedding they are both attending in Italy somewhere. What a sad thing………how could he ever agree to marry some like even for political gain?????? The guy must be mad…. This is like one of those old-fashioned love stories…. One of the reviewers mentioned something about it being a bit like reading a Barbara Cartland book…remember those????

Yes, I thought that too!!!! Oh, I gave it a 3 star…. View all 4 comments.

Why I'd like to be… Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction

Holy molly! I really liked this book a lot! I loved both Sharif and Irene. But it was Sharif who really did this book for me. He was such a very compelling character. I fell for him straight off the bat. He was not the asshole playboy that Irene assumes he was, he's sweet, lovable, honest, loyal, honorable and at times his emotional struggles never failed to pull at every heart string I had. I loved how he never force herself on her and how Holy molly! I loved how he never force herself on her and how he respected her beliefs.

And as much as I loved Sharif, I also adored Irene. I admired how she stood up for herself.

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She also has a certain belief in love that I totally agree with, and it made me love her even more. And I loved how she fight for him; it made admired her more for that. Some readers complained about the sex scenes or rather lack of it. Well, I wasn't actually bothered by it. Anyway, even though there's not much here aside from kissing and making out, you can still feel the passion and the chemistry between them that radiated off the pages.

I loved seeing the change in Sharif from vowing to never have love in his life to being totally, irrevocably in love with Irene and doing what he thought was best for her even if it meant tearing his own heart in the process. And my heart broke seeing him struggle with his feelings and his needs as well as the needs of his country, of his people.

The Sheikh's Last Seduction was such an intense and passionate read that I was hooked from the first page up to the last. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. It made me laugh out loud at some points, and aching during others. This was exactly everything I love about romances. Feb 02, Ms Fine rated it it was amazing. It's hard to pull off a novel without graphic love scenes these days.

I didn't expect Jennie to do it with flying colors. This book was just classic, sweet, enthralling.. Didn't think the billionaire sheikh would have a mushy bone in his body. I got used to arrogant alpha males. I couldn't put the book down, I was anticipating for them to get together page after page. But it never happened. I couldn't imagine all those pent up emotions by the hero.

Latter part was really emotional, making a deci It's hard to pull off a novel without graphic love scenes these days. Latter part was really emotional, making a decision to send the heroine home because he thinks it's what's best for both of them. To find her happiness with someone else. It was still a HEA kind of story. View 2 comments. Feb 19, Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta rated it really liked it Shelves: hp-mb , stand-alone , he-has-a-title , he-is-charming , he-is-honorable-or-dutiful , fell-in-love-with-the-hero , oh-the-drama , heart-melting , she-is-dutiful-or-sacrificial-lamb , he-is-cold-too-proper-or-grumpy.

I felt identified with the heroine in the 'I want to wait for love' part, not the family thing. I liked the hero and his flaws, wanting to be honorable but failing sometimes.

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It was missing that first time between hero and heroine. Jan 08, Rgreader rated it really liked it Shelves: virgin-heroine-contemporaries , wtf. The Sheikh's Last Seduction was compelling. The heroine was likeable, had a backbone. The story was sweet, a bit of angst with the hero being a sheikh and the heroine a nanny.

It is rare to see class differences being an obstacle in HP's. The chemistry was sizzling but there's no detailed consumation. I liked alot that the heroine didn't smex the hero within a day of meeting him. I'm not a fan of that plot device. I would have given this book 5 stars but couldn't because the hero was too good. Dam The Sheikh's Last Seduction was compelling. Damn near like a saint he was.

I like heroes to be more flawed, edgy, badass and even douchy anti-heroish. Oh and what the hell, no epilogue!!! So wrong this book didn't get one. I liked this one a whole lot. Irene was a little sassy, a lot honest, and she knew what she wanted I'll be honest and say I shed a few tears reading this one :. Dec 02, Diah Didi rated it it was amazing Shelves: adult , series , to-be-published-in , romance , contemporary , english , fiction , harlequin , 4-and-half-stars , love-the-author. As expected from Jennie Lucas. Mar 27, Danielle rated it it was amazing Shelves: read , harlequin-presents , 5-stars-hp , march-read , harlequin-presents-challenge This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This was such a beautiful and emotional love story that really touched my heart so much while reading. I just enjoyed it so much and was very much into the characters of Sharif and Irene loving them equally because they were just such well written, well rounded, beautiful characters that anyone would cheer for or love. It was such a nice journey to follow them on and read their love story, which was so sweet and so beautiful and very well developed it was not hard to see why and how they fell in This was such a beautiful and emotional love story that really touched my heart so much while reading.

It was such a nice journey to follow them on and read their love story, which was so sweet and so beautiful and very well developed it was not hard to see why and how they fell in love with each other. This showed the progression of their relationship perfectly to create this great love story, which I was glad to go on with them.

The journey wasn't easy to say the least with many bumps and bruises along the way and filled with lots of sexual tension along the way. It just oozed off the pages and I could feel how each of them wanting the other with both of them making it quite clear they wanted one another and made no secret about it, but despite all that didn't given in. The tension in this book was just so hot and created lots of great moments along the way.

This sexual tension and all this wanting just drove the story forward and kept me completely engrossed wondering when they would finally give into their passions for one another. With the sexual tension also came lots of angst with both Sharif and Irene trying to talk themselves out of wanting the other and believing it was for the best that they didn't give into their passion. All that angst was just delicious and exactly what I love and what I love to read.

It's another point that kept me totally sucked into the story and wanting to keep on going. Plus I could feel the angst coming off the pages much like I could feel the sexual tension coming off the pages. Just each of them had this struggle of dealing with their attraction for another then later on their growing feelings for one another.

And at times it was heartbreaking and hard to read because I knew they were meant to be together and just fit so well and made the other a better person, and circumstances kept them apart. For example, she wanted to wait for love and marriage before she made love for the first time with the belief that giving herself only to her husband was to show him as well as their relationship that it was special and worth the wait and it the act would be an expression of their love and nothing less.

She didn't want to act out of lust alone even though she was attracted to Sharif very much. As you can imagine, Sharif had the complete opposite view from Irene and believed that lust and sharing his body with women was completely acceptable and had no problem with just the physical aspect of a relationship. After all he had needs. Typical male and playboy philosophy, which Sharif very much was.

And he wanted Irene from the moment he spotted her at Ceasare and Emma's wedding being completely drawn to her and immediately wanting her and vowing to have her and believing he would after all the skills that he possessed in the bedroom. So he tried to seduce her, and even though she rejected him once he tried again upping his seduction skills by using camaraderie to make her feel comfortable and feel more friendly towards him and just like him as a person. Then he asks again after he kisses her and once she found out that he was basically using those skills to get into her to bed she was furious and wanted nothing more to do with him.

But more to the point she was hurt that he would do this to her especially knowing her feelings about marriage and lovemaking, which he ignored anyway and did his best to seduce. She vowed she wanted nothing more to do with him and just felt suckered punch by him acting as her friend just to land her under him. But of coarse more circumstances throw them together so they can't escape one another.

Also another form of angst in the story was the fact that Sharif made a deal a long time ago when his father died when he was 15 to marry a councilman's daughter in order for him to be able to rule his country without any adversaries. Because the councilman wanted to act as regent until Sharif became of age, but Sharif wanted to be king so he could protect and rule his people so he had to agree to marry the daughter to make this happen. So he was living the playboy lifestyle until he had to bite the bullet and marry Kalila, who was just this witch of a women who had nothing but cruelness in her heart and her eye on the crown and ruling having that title, but Sharif wanted nothing to do with her and deeply disliked her and shuddered the thought at beginning married to her and making babies with her.

He couldn't even stomach that act with Kalila. And he knew he would have to face the guillotine sooner rather than later so he was having fun while he could. Irene wasn't happy when she found out about his plans to marry another while he tried to seduce her. It made her sick especially with the high values that she put on marriage and love and commitment and all that good stuff. So that was another no-no in her book, but that didn't stop her from wanting him and wanting to be close to him and just spend time with him. When he offered her the job after the wedding, to be a companion to his sister, she still wanted to be around him and wanted to be his friend.

She just wanted to near him, knowing that they would never be able to be together especially with her belief systems, but that didn't mean she didn't fall for him because she very much did as did he. Which was another thing I really loved about this book was the simmering and gradual development of their relationship, and just how it grew over time. Irene worked for Sharif and got to know him better for over three months.

They became friends while trying to keep it completely platonic as much as they could, but they did slip because they cared and wanted each other so much especially after they got to know one another and knew each other on a deeper level than just the physical. They still wanted each other, sure, but it so much more than that and it was just so obvious and heart warming as it was heart breaking especially knowing they could never be together even though they wanted to be.

And I could totally feel the emotions that were going and how much of a struggle it was for them not to give into their feelings for one another. It was hard. There were a couple slip ups here and there with passionate kisses and denied want. It just created that sexual tension and angst that was engrossing as it was heartbreaking because the caring was apparent on both ends. Totally hot! And every bit as steamy as that steamy room was when they had that passionate encounter.

It was just great to see after them denying their passions for so long and had been building and building until it basically exploded into this little scene right there. And it was totally worth it. Lots of passion, and lots of emotions going on in that little scene alone. They were hot for one another and were so close to doing the deed, which Irene decided to give into even though there was no wedding or future with him and just basically throwing her beliefs out the windows because she loved him and wanted to be with the man that she loved at least once before he got taken away from her again.

She loved him and for her in that moment that was enough for her and it didn't matter if he loved her or not, she knew that he cared for her. So she was willingly to go for it. But Sharif admitted, at least to himself quite earlier than I expected, that he loved her too, knew that he couldn't do this to her and make her give up her fairytale dreams just for him, knowing that he could never give her a future that she deserved.

So mid way to completely the deed he stopped and told her he couldn't do this and said that he would never force her to give up her dream of making love for the first time with her husband, who she was in love with and was waiting all her life for. In that moment, I loved Sharif even more than I did throughout the book, and I knew that his feelings were true for her and he really did love her.

This was a great testament to his love her and ensuring she got her dream when he wouldn't be getting his, which was her. And even though he desperately wanted her and dreamed of nothing else but her, he stopped and knew he had to put her first, which he realized what love was. It showed how much she meant to him. Which was sweet yet heartbreaking at the same time.

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I've read a scene like this in a while where it was so blatant or should say shown in such a way that there was no doubt what the hero's true feelings for the heroine were. No doubt. He loved her and that was it. It was very clear. And it showed that in fact emotions were paramount here not the physical.

I just loved this scene not only for the hot passion that ensued, but also because of the emotions surrounding that scene and just showing how deeply involved each of them were with one another. They were thinking about the other first and that was beautiful. Just this scene really got to me and made me love the book even more. And Kalila was cruel and harsh and acting like she owned the place. I hated her. But Kalila could see that Irene was in love with Sharif, which made her doubly cruel and wanted Sharif to force her out of his home and never return.

And he did it much to Irene and my surprise especially when he was so cruel, and made me wonder what he was doing.

The Last Seduction (a short story) The Last Seduction (a short story)
The Last Seduction (a short story) The Last Seduction (a short story)
The Last Seduction (a short story) The Last Seduction (a short story)
The Last Seduction (a short story) The Last Seduction (a short story)
The Last Seduction (a short story) The Last Seduction (a short story)
The Last Seduction (a short story) The Last Seduction (a short story)

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