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Learn to Use the Paris Metro, Bus, RER & Tramway System With Zero Stress

While on the average it takes about one minute to travel between stations, a good rule of thumb when calculating travel time on the Metro is about 90 seconds per station including boarding at each station. RER trains run less frequently and once outside the city lines may diverge so you must be sure to choose the line with the correct end station especially important when going to the airport. In general you can count on waiting min for an RER train during the day and minutes at night or on weekends.

The Ultimate Guide to Underground Paris: Map & Best Paris Underground Tours!

Although the RER runs less frequently than the Metro, since there are fewer stops, it is usually the fastest way to get across the city and travel time between stations is also longer than on the Metro. Metro trains depart from the end of the line at the times listed below: Mon - Fri: - Sat - Sun: - Nights before holidays: - The arrival time of the first and last metro varies from station to station. A chart on the wall of every station, alongside the track, lists the time of departure for the first and last train serving that station. Paris Metro tickets can be purchased from the ticket counter found in every station.

Vending machines are also available but they sometimes don't accept coins; payment by card requires a French credit card with an embedded chip.

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Tickets can be purchased individually un billet or in ten-packs un carnet de dix. Typically, you will have to insert your ticket into the turnstile in order to gain access to the station. A single ticket costs 1. You can also make one transfer between Metro and RER the ticket is valid until you exit a Metro station. Once once you've passed through one RER turnstile however, your ticket will not allow you to pass a second. Turnstile jumpers beware! Inspectors periodically conduct spot checks of all travellers passing through the metro tunnels.

If you're not able to show a valid ticket, you will be fined on the spot. So keep your ticket until you exit the Metro station. Tickets purchased in the Metro can also be used on Paris busses a new ticket, not the same ticket that you already used in the metro.

Learning Le Metro: Basic Tips for Paris' Underground Arteries by Rick Steves

Tickets purchased on busses are not valid in the Metro and they also cost more - 1. Frequent travellers in Paris often find it economical to purchase a Paris Metro pass. Riding the Metro is cheaper with a pass and passes are available for different durations; including day passes, weekly passes, and monthly passes.

For durations of longer than one month you can buy a Navigo Pass. More information….

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Includes pick-up at your Paris hotel. With all those stations, the Metro can get you pretty much any place you want to go in the Paris city limits. The Metro is one reason why it's so easy to see a lot of Paris in a short time. Line 1, for instance, traverses the city from east to west at a small angle so you can hop on at the Arc de Triomphe and zip over the the Bastille on the other side of Paris. With the spider's web of lines, it's fairly easy to get from one place to another with only one transfer.

Most of the time.

Easy Guide To The Paris Metro – How To Go Deep In Paris

By the way, you can transfer as many times as you want once you enter the Metro system. Until you get out, that is. The standard Metro ticket or Metro pass covers the entire city. That's all you're ever going to need as a visitor, so don't worry about the other zones. Here's the most important point of this whole article — riding the Metro is simplicity itself.

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  8. You can buy your tickets at an automated machine found in all stations. The machines take credits cards, many even take cash. Then, when you approach the gate, simply use your ticket to get through.

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    You're in. Beginning on June 12, in case you're interested in exact dates there's a new, modern way of buying and using Paris Metro tickets. The small, rectangular tickets with a magnetic strip down the middle have been replaced by a rechargeable plastic card called Navigo Easy — aimed specifically at tourists and occasional users. Once you're in a Metro station, look for the easy-to-use signs that direct you to your platform. If you're in a station with multiple lines, simply follow the signs with the number of the line you are looking for.

    For instance, at the Arc de Triomphe station — called "Charles de Gaulle-Etoile" — look for signs for lines 1, 2, or 6. The only tricky thing is that you need to know which direction you are heading in. Trains on each line run both ways, of course, so you need to know whether you're going north or south, or east or west, etc. The directions are named for the last station on that line on either end. Looking at Line 1 again, the directions are La Defense in the west and Chateau de Vincennes in the east. Those are easy to remember, but we can get confused on Line 7, for instance, where the directions are La Courneuve-8 May and Villejuif Louis Aragon.

    Luckily, the Paris Metro signage solves that problem.

    Metro travel times

    Before you take the stairs to your platform you'll see a sign listing the stations in that direction. So, if we're taking Line 7 to Gare de l'Est , we simply scan the list of stops to make sure we're heading in the right direction. Check with Booking.

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    Search for your hotel …. There are maps in all of the stations, but we recommend you also carry a Metro map with you. You can find free maps at the stations, but virtually every guidebook also includes a Metro Map. These days, though, there are some very good digital aids. There are phone apps that give you a map and help you plan a route.



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