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It's hard to see everyone going back to the way things were, though that seemed to be the implication when we saw Peter Parker returning to school. Should we assume they were all affected by The Snap but are now continuing their education five years later like nothing happened? Has international tourism just picked up where it left off?

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How will Far From Home address the time jump? The ramifications are even more serious with Black Panther, whose sequel will likely be part of Phase 4. Wakanda lost its king, and his sister, for five years. What happened? Did someone else take over? And does T'Challa automatically regain the throne after his return? But that glosses over some serious constitutional questions about how things operated while he was gone.

Any time you employ time travel in a story, you're going to open cracks in logic. The Russo brothers admirably tried to button up the leaks by having Captain America return the stones to their various places in the timeline -- but that doesn't fix everything. We have the original Steve Rogers frozen in ice until he woke up in the 21st century MCU, as we saw in the movies. But now there's a second, older Steve Rogers hanging out in Peggy Carter's home in the intervening years.

One theory is that Captain America was always going to go back in time and secretly reunite and marry Peggy. There was a reference to Peggy getting married and having kids, but in a scene between Rogers and Carter in Captain America: Winter Soldier, there aren't any photos of her husband. Still, it's a stretch to imagine Captain America staying hidden all that time -- especially knowing that Hydra had infiltrated Shield years earlier.

During the Back to the Future-style trip back to the events of the original Avengers movie, Scott Lang and Tony Stark's attempt to nab the Space Stone backfires, allowing the freshly apprehended Loki to nab the gem and disappear. Ultimately, did Loki's escape change his fate at the hands of Thanos in Infinity War?

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

It's plausible, given reports that Disney Plus is working on an original show based on the character. But if that's true, then wouldn't it have affected the events of Thor: The Dark World, also revisited in Endgame?

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But during Thor's own time-jaunt we briefly see Loki in a cell, so the timeline wasn't altered. Alternatively, if it did happen to Past Evil Nebula, then Present Good Nebula should remember it, and in turn that memory would've been downloaded so Past Evil Nebula would see the hit coming.

Thanos and his crew jumped ahead from during the original Guardians of the Galaxy to the present, and are defeated. So past-Thanos couldn't have manipulated the events that led to Infinity War.


Chess Endgames | 10 Principles for Beginners - wojadyboqy.tk

If he never gathered the stones, Tony couldn't have undone the snap, which didn't even happen anyway. Bruce Banner attempts to explain away the time paradox by noting that going back in the past and changing something doesn't necessarily affect you. Instead, as the Ancient One seems to imply, it creates a divergent timeline essentially an alternate universe that is different from the MCU we've seen. Thus, the MCU we've seen over the past 11 years remains intact, although there are different realities or timelines where, for instance, Loki is alive and hopping around with the Space Stone.

There's a scene where Nebula hands over a vial of the Pym particles to Thanos, but the Avengers all seemed to need those snazzy white suits to travel through the Quantum Realm. Why is Thanos' ship different? Also, if Nebula handed her one and only vial to Thanos, how did she get back? Or if she used that final vial, how did Thanos go forward in time?

Don't forget, the gauntlet is still around. You just need to go back in time for the stones again. We see a portable version of the time machine at the end, which means the Avengers have Tony's plans backed up. With Hank Pym around to supply an unlimited amount of Pym Particles, don't the Avengers have a working time machine to fix, well, everything? Seems like a handy thing to have, but my guess is it barely gets a mention in future movies.

It'd be a little too easy to use time travel as a solution every time. Remember, Cap went back in time to return all of the Infinity Stones, right? If he returned the soul stone to Vormir, wouldn't he have run into the Red Skull? Granted, Red Skull was likely freed from his burden of watching over the stone, but it's not like he has a ship to take him off planet. He's done it in the comics. Or maybe I'm still in denial about losing Robert Downey Jr.

Let's hope the Avengers don't pluck a teenage Tony from earlier in the timeline either This is one death that seems permanent, as it completes Natasha Romanov's arc as a loner spy who found a family worth sacrificing herself for. Players critique themselves for making blunders and miscalculating simple things, but without a goal in mind, it is hard to keep yourself "on track" -- so of course you are going to make mistakes.

Knowing what's next makes all of your decisions better. It isn't that GMs are calculating 50 moves ahead, they just know more endings then you do -- so not only are their decisions in the endgame better, but you almost never reach a relatively equal one with a stronger player because they were making better Middlegame moves based on their knowledge of the ensuing ending.

Make sense? Man, that was tough to say Glad I got that out Zugzwang and Zwischenzug. If you don't know what those words mean, check this out. I included both "famous-German-Chess" words here because, well, I can -- but really, Zugzwang is the "beast of the endgame".

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  6. Do you realize how many endgames would otherwise be a draw if it weren't for Zugzwang? If you or your opponent didn't have to move unless they "felt like it" the chess world would be a much more peaceful place. Dozens, if not hundreds, of King and Pawn Endings rely on Zugzwang to be successful, several critical Rook Endings, and countless other positions. Here is a few including our 2nd example from the last rule common ones:.

    As the description of the position above explains, even this simple basic checkmate is based on Zugzwang. And we see yet another example of a "winning position with Zugzwang" that ends in a draw if black can pass the turn Finally, you should realize that the complex idea black executes in Rule 5 2nd diagram above is designed to put white in Zugzwang.

    But if white could "say pass" with the Bishop on c2, the Triple-Step Winning Method a little too advanced for this article here, but something I mention in my Principle of Two Weaknesses Video Series wouldn't be winning without Zugzwang. So anyway, why is our new found appreciation for German worthy of a principle in this article? Simply because so many positions reach "that critical moment" that if you aren't aware of this "looming idea" then your approach in many endgame positions will remain an amateur one If you are going to shake what your momma gave ya, then recognize the potential of what your momma gave ya rule 3 first!

    This is known as a "pawn majority" meaning white's 4 on 3 pawn advantage on the Kingside. Here are another example:. This rule is more of a concept or idea that has become a staple part of every good coach's "endgame teaching repertoire". Basically, teaching their students that against tough defense -- even a clear advantage like an extra pawn may not be enough. Many Rook endings are drawn after all, and minor piece endings always have the potential that a player might sacrifice and leave you with an extra piece but no winning chances. So, rather than beating your head against the "proverbial wall" with one advantage, let your advantage serve as a clamp on your opponent's ability to defend a different target.

    By creating a second weakness you often increase the strength of your first advantage. Unlike any other "phase" to chess, the endgame requires more knowledge of specific positions and patterns. What if you realized that in the majority of the endgames you play, the result is likely already decided or forced if the best moves are played by both sides?

    That's kind of scary when you think about it, right?

    What about those five years?

    As a beginner, you can't expect yourself to have the knowledge of technical positions that a master level let alone a Grandmaster player would have. BUT what you can do is take my piece of advice as something similar to the "never turn your back on the ocean" saying, ie -- approach the endgame like every move could be your last!!! Be concrete, calculate, "don't move until you see it", etc If you play chess with a healthy fear of endings and that they are actually the hardest stage of the game where there is the most to calculate, then you will be on the right track already.

    Similar to our last rule, this principle is in place to remind you of the scary fact that endgames require the most precision of any stage of the game. Unless you are simply lost and only postponing things to avoid going home, or totally winning and enjoying the torture of your helpless opponent -- then you are by definition involved in a relatively equal ending that requires, here it comes, your c omplete focus and hard work!

    What has been your most amazing chess endgame?

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    Let us know in the comments below. IM DanielRensch. Updated: Mar 30, , PM. Top Ten Rules to Chess Endgames! Rule 1 - Master the Basic Checkmates! If you can't checkmate with a Queen, then you can't truly master King and Pawn Endings. If you can't do this mate, then you can't win Rook and Pawn endings. Good luck! Simplify the position down to its "purest" form kind of like doing "fractions" in math.

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